Email I Sent to Alabama Law Enforcement, & other Entities… ðŸ¬ðŸ¦„🪶🪶🪶🍀

When I was in Montgomery last week I rode by the property, 6601 Vaughn Road Montgomery, Alabama. It was once owned by John Levi Broadway, fugitive from justice. He was forced to flee the United States after being accused of trafficking marijuana and cocaine. He became a fugitive in the eyes of the law in 1974.

Former First Lady of Costa Rica, Henrietta Boggs Ferrer MacGuire and her extended family, helped secure John Broadway a new life in Costa Rica. Many of John’s friends also fled to Costa Rica to start new lives after getting in trouble in the USA. William von Gal told me in December 2019 he was leaving the US to start a new life. He said, ‘he had many high level friends still there.’

The address of John Levi Broadway’s former home is right next to Blount Cultural Park and the former Blount home. It used to have a two story home on it. I do not know when the house was actually torn down, in the late 1990’s I believe. It was a nice home with no dilapidation issues. Kinda suspicious to tear down a perfectly good house. 🤔

The City of Montgomery continues to harass my property in Cloverdale calling me and my home a ‘nuisance,’ and to ‘abate’ it and me. In the same hypocritical breath they allow John’s old lot to be overgrown with trees and grass.

When John Broadway fled to Costa Rica was his property seized? Hmmmm? Last I knew of the property, Dr. CMA Rogers DVM was selling Rogers Christmas Tree Farm trees out of it at Christmas time. Dr. Rogers was a friend of my ex William Bellingrath von Gal and John Broadway. Dr. Rogers employee Joshua Guy Gogan, was the young man who lured me from my home to Seagrove, Florida the weekend of September 18, 2009 when my Mom was poisoned.

The City of Montgomery is treating me like shit. This is how women of domestic violence are treated in Montgomery. This is how rape victims are treated. Instead of helping me, the City of Montgomery, in name run by Mayor Steven Reed, and the people who ACTUALLY are running the City, are continuing their civil rights violations. They are continuing to violate the Violence Against Women Act. They are sitting in high places and committing Depriviation of Rights Under Color of Law, among many other offenses.

Email I Sent Warning Various Entities to Stop Tresspassing on My Property.

I will not back down. Never.

– The Peppermint Unicorn 🍬🦄🪶

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