Letter I Sent President Obama in 2012 Asking for Help from the Crimes in Alabama. πŸ¬πŸ¦„πŸͺΆπŸͺΆπŸͺΆπŸ€

In 2012 the crimes against my Mom and I ramped up significantly. We were under constant death threats by way of anonymous phone calls. Unknown vehicles were sitting outside our home every single day. At night we could see blue lights in the windows of the guesthouse at 3154 Dupont Street.

The two story guesthouse had a view of our backyard, and anyone up there could see into our backyard and some of our rooms. We saw men standing in the windows at night. Later I found out the lights were surveillance cameras. We were being surveilled day and night. I still do not know, to this day, why? Was it because my ex, William Bellingrath von Gal of Autauga Arms, was being investigated for missing firearms?

At the time I did not know he was being investigated. I found out in December 2019 when I called from my Mom’s hospital room at Cedar- Sinai, I screamed at him, ‘you killed my Mom!’ Will began telling me how he had been investigated by the government for missing firearms that he said, ‘melted into plastic,’ at a fire at his home. Will told me he was going to fake his death and go to Costa Rica. He told me to think about going with him after my Mom died. He told me to call him back.

From 2009, to the point I wrote this letter, my Mom and I were outright told in person if we did not ‘hand over’ our home, ‘things will get worse.’ I went to see the FBI Mobile Division Montgomery Field Office with my Mom for help on February 06, 2012. I went back in October 2012 and December 04, 2012. I asked the FBI for witness protection, but no one answered my request. They never answered our calls for help.

I was at home and called the Whitehouse and a man answered and I told him my Mom and I were being attacked in Alabama. He asked me if we were in immediate danger, I told him yes. He told me to send a letter and to make sure I wrote the word “HARDSHIP” at the top of the letter so I wrote this letter.

Here is the reply from Washington, D.C. a month later.

The DOJ asked for more information and I tried to get it to them, but we kept being attacked and it was hard just surviving. I am lucky to still have any of these documents. We then began being harassed by Probate Judge Steven Reed who sent out his court officer, Clarence Pugh. He warned us to stop calling Washington, D.C. for help. Now Steven Reed, is Mayor of Montgomery.

The FBI Mobile Division would not talk to me without me having an attorney and they knew I could not get one. A FBI Mobile Division Montgomery Field Office supervisor named Chris told me I could not come in unless I brought an attorney or my psychiatrist. (but they had no problem gathering information from me and my Mom for their own agendas.) I had no way to do either. He was alluding to the fact he knew Will von Gal had given me Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from the abuse I suffered at his hands. As far as I am concerned the whole Montgomery Field Office of the FBI needs a psychiatric evaluation, a 5150. If they had stepped in and given us witness protection when I asked for it, I would not have been raped by Montgomery Police Department Officer Michael McCord. My Mom would still be alive. They give protection to abhorrent criminals every day and let people like me and my Mom die.

– The Peppermint Unicorn πŸ¬πŸ¦„

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  1. […] if it was properly secured after he finished destroying it. Reed sold it five years AFTER he sent Clarence Pugh with the Alabama Department of Mental Health out to threaten me and my Mom to stop calling Washington, D.C. for help. In 2020 he had Janet […]


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