Finally Allowed to Report My Rape on MPD Officer Michael McCord.

April 05, 2023 was a big day for me. I was finally allowed to officially file a rape report to the Montgomery, Alabama Police Department.

The officers were professional and treated me with respect, something I am not used to in Alabama. I am grateful for that. Chief of MPD Daryl Albert, Chief of CID John Hall, Officers in Special Victims Unit, Richardson and Calhoun were there, and I appreciate their kindness.

I reported this rape for many years, but no one would take a report or help us. When I came back to Montgomery in 2020 after my Mom died, I found my home taken, burglarized and destroyed. I called the MPD out to report my home. When I did, Officer Canady came out to 3156 Cloverdale Road. I told her I was raped in 2012. She actually wrote up my rape. This document is the official document they are using to investigate the rape. Since they can’t find an earlier version Chief Hall said this is considered to be the oldest one and the one they will follow through on. I do not know why Bill Barousse at City Investigations and Sgt. Capps at MPD lied about a “Ghost Op” rape investigation with the FBI Mobile Division. I believe Sgt Capps started the rumor and everyone just ran with it. I do not know why the ‘now Deputy Chief’ of MPD Zedrick Dean, told me he was going to call me back in 2020 and never did? I met with him in the CID office lobby where I explained everything and he promised a reply by Monday or Tuesday afternoon. He was very specific, but never called. The MPD sat on this report and refused assistance for 3 years. Maybe that will be investigated in the future.

For now I do know I was allowed my civil rights to report a rape. What will happen? Who knows? The Montgomery County Courts are back logged with cases and are only prosecuting homicides now. No telling when or if I will get in a grand jury scenario. At least I feel like a human being and my voice was heard.

I am still homeless. No one has returned my home or condo to me. The people who killed by Mom are still at large. I asked the MPD if they would continue investigating what happened to my Mom and myself. I was told that the MPD ‘lost records’ when they were transferring from one computer system to another. I have most of the police reports that were written up. I think they have access to my 911 calls, unless they were also lost in the transfer.

I have signed that I want to prosecute John Richard Hanson and Tommy Ryan who broke into my home and destroyed it. They have still not been arrested.

I still want to know why my 2003 Order of Protection on William Belligrath von Gal was never honored and he was allowed to continue attacking me.

I will not stop fighting for justice. Until I get the criminals who killed my Mom I will not rest. I will regain my home and all my other assets the corruption in Alabama took from me. One way or another.

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  1. […] of Criminal Investigations Division at 1751 Congressman Dickinson Drive. I was told by the MPD on April 05, 2023 when Special Victims Unit took my rape report that they would treat me fairly. I was told they would treat McCord and myself the same as they treat other cases. When you report […]


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