MPD Liars: Did Not Tell Me One of My Stolen Cars Was Given to the State of Alabama & Sold as Scrap Metal.

In February 2020 I came back to Alabama to find my Allstate Insured property sold by corrupt Probate Judge Steven Reed, now Mayor of Montgomery and “Diabolical Scientist.” One of my cars in my backyard, I reported stolen on 02/04/2020. Not one police officer at the MPD would look for the car. Not one police officer has arrested the drug addicts living next door at 3158 Cloverdale Road, JR Hanson and Tommy Ryan. The MPD took ONE report from me, which is ONE report, they refuse to act on it. Then they give me a bogus report on my rape.

How do I know? I did detective work on my own last night. I went to the Alabama Department of Revenue site and after fooling around with VIN numbers and titles I found that the 2001 Toyota Corolla had been sold as “junk” and given to the State of Alabama SCRAP company. Here are the screenshots.

After 3 years and one month of LOOKING everywhere and calling even this very department I had to “go through the backdoor” and find out my car was sold as SCRAP? 😤

The Montgomery Police Department’s Chief of Criminal Investigation Division, John Wesley Hall did not find this information on his HIGH TECH computer? Yes he did! And he kept this information from me in a cruel, twisted game the MPD have been playing with me for two decades now.

I cannot explain to you how my heart hurt upon seeing this information. My car is JUNK. My Mom’s life does not matter. My life does not matter. The destruction of my home does not matter. My rape by MPD Officer Michael McCord does not matter. The Montgomery Police Department did not even have the BALLS to inform me of this development for over three years. They NEVER told me. I had to waste 5 hours of my life online last night. Not to mention all the hours I wasted looking before last night.

So last night, I sent this email to FBI Mobile Division Spokesman Thomas Loftis, ALEA, MPD CID Chief John Hall, MPD Chief Darryl Albert, Montgomery County DA Daryl Bailey, MCSO Sheriff Derrick Cunningham, MPD Officer Zedrick Dean, Bill Barousse at Montgomery City Investigations, Gov. Kay Ivey spokesperson Gina Maiola, and The SBI.

I have been nice to these disrepectful “by the law” criminals long enough. I asked for help nicely before we were run out of our home, after we went to Gulf Shores and the whole time I was in California trying to save my Mom’s life. After I came back they continue to lie like dogs and disrepect me and my beautiful Mom’s memory? I have zero respect for them. As far as I am concerned, they are a bunch of criminals who do not deserve any respect from me.

– The Peppermint Unicorn 🍬🦄

One response to “MPD Liars: Did Not Tell Me One of My Stolen Cars Was Given to the State of Alabama & Sold as Scrap Metal.”

  1. […] Going down another rabbit trail the other night, I found a whole new group who know JR Hanson and Tommy Ryan. They sold my items to another entity. I cannot reveal the details now in the hopes the MPD will actually arrest these small time, violent pieces of shite. This group has threatened the police, stolen guns, cars, and other property. Also drug possession. A police chief in a neighboring county stated this group, ‘will steal anything.’ They are considered armed and dangerous. Well, I am too. […]


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