Montgomery Police Department Releases a Bogus Rape Report on my rape by MPD Officer Mike McCord. ðŸ¬ðŸ¦„

I requested my rape report by FOIA to the Montgomery, Alabama Police Department. I finally got access to a piece a paper the Montgomery Police Department called ‘an incident report’ about my rape by Montgomery Police Department Officer Michael McCord on April 14, 2012.

I have STILL not been interviewed by a single law enforcement agency in Alabama.

As you can see below this is NOT a rape report. It does not have the correct date on it. It says something happened on 05/01/2012 at my home 3156 Cloverdale Rd. I was raped on 04/14/2012 at Officer Michael McCord’s home at 2200 Old Mill Court, Montgomery, Alabama. It also is heavily redacted. I have STILL not been interviewed by a single law enforcement agency local, state or federal in Alabama to this day.

Why does the MPD continue to defame/ slander my name?

How can a police department produce a rape incident report when the address of the rape is wrong, the date is wrong and there are no victims or suspects? Who is the officer whose ID number is redacted? If this is a real rape incident where is my signature? What exactly is going on? Why is the MPD refusing to take my rape report to this very day? Why does the MPD continue to defame/ slander my name? This report is a burglary report I started when I first came back to town from California. It was when I went to my house and found it boarded up right after I buried my Mom in California. I came back to find the criminals, who purport to be in law enforcement and political office, took all of our worldly possessions through property crimes, extortion, death threats, physical assault, burglary, rape, physical abuse, elderly financial abuse, racketeering, theft by deception. A clear public corruption case of abuse of power and Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, among many other criminal charges. I alledge the MPD are still in a conspiracy to hide police reports, protect criminals, refuse to take my police reports, and refuse to investigate the crimes. The MPD participated in these crimes, while my Mom and I were in Montgomery, after we were forced out, and to the moment I am writing this blog entry. The involvement of the MPD, and their knowledge that if they investigate or arrest people, the truth about THEIR crimes will be publicly known. This is why no action is being made on any complaints I report to law enforcement.

They claimed without the homeowner present, they could do nothing.

That day a neighbor came out to say hello and ask about me. She was happy to find out my mom and I were the homeowners. My mom had just passed on December 25th, just over a month earlier. The neighbor Katherine Mallini told me out in front of my house, that she had observed the drug addicts she had grown up with, who were caught in the act of burglarizing my home multiple times. She gave me video, the name of Mark Lanicci, her friend with the MPD whom she gave all the evidence to. She also called the MPD during the event and the MPD showed up and caught neighbors Tommy Ryan and J.R. Hanson at 3158 (right next door and between her house and mine.) in the act, loading up a truck with my stuff, including my 2 giant a/c units they had to rip out of the foundation etc. The cops that arrived questioned the individuals and Ms. Mallini and the police did nothing. They claimed without the homeowner present, they could do nothing.

No one notified me of my house being sold out from under me. No one did anything.

I have written about this on my blog before, more than once. I will get back to the bogus incident report in a minute. The MPD, probate judge Steven Reed (now troubled Mayor Steve “Diabolical Scientist” Reed, Janet Buskey’s office, the MPD, Sgt Capps, City Investigations Bill Barousse, AG Steve Marshall, and numerous other groups and agencies knew the whole time I was in California with my sick mother getting what should have been, life saving treatments. Not a day went by while I was there that I was not in contact with one or more of those people or offices. No one notified me of my house being sold out from under me. No one did anything. Probate Judge Steve Reed allowed the illegal sale of my house to proceed. I was told I only had some lawn cutting fees and I was happy to pay those. They ALL knew where I was, every last damn one of them and they instead allowed the theft of my moms car from the back yard, burglary of the house, sale, destruction and ultimately posted abandoned and condemned notices on my house and all while I was away at UCLA calling daily for updates and to ensure everything was in order.

The officer asked what was stolen and I said “Everything!”

Ok so back to the so-called ‘Rape Report’. (Below) After finding out about all of this I called the MPD immediately. This is the morning of my second day back in Alabama, February 1st 2020. When the officer, Satrina R. Canady, showed up I told her that my house had been burglarized, my mom’s car stolen out of the back yard and that I had witnesses, evidence and the names of the two assholes responsible. The officer asked what was stolen and I said “Everything!” She did not have the ability to do a comprehensive report listing an entire house filled with furniture and personal items after 40 plus years in it. She told me to go to MPD on East South Blvd. (I went to them on Monday, February 04, 2020.) I then explained my apprehension and why I believe the previous officers did not charge or arrest anyone. I told Officer Canady about my rape by an MPD officer and she felt this should be handled at the station. Canady left after filling out this two page redacted incident report with misinformation on it. I don’t believe Canady really listened to anything I said. This is no rape report even though Canady may have mentioned the word rape in the body of the document, I will never know as it is completely redacted. They even redacted the page number 2 of 2. WTF is wrong with these people?

After speaking with a journalist who is working on a story about my rape and subsequent cover-up she told me they refused to give her the documents pertaining to my rape. You can see the request below as well. She called me and asked me to see if I could get the report and I said I will try. When I got a hold of the City Clerks office they said to fill out the FOIA regarding the exact information and they would get it to me. He was actually very helpful, thank you Sir, so I will not mention him here. But after he put the request through, the only thing that came up was this particular incident report, which was, as I explained earlier just a record of the cop showing up, minus the cops name and a ’10U Unknown Investigate Other’ designator. Useless.

Deputy Chief John W. Hall

So originally the MPD has been saying there was a joint investigation between them and the FBI but they cannot show any documentation. They have since changed it to ‘just an FBI investigation’ that they the MPD have no access to. The FBI said they do not investigate rape, did not investigate mine with or without the MPD and that the MPD are lying. Deputy Chief John W Hall with Criminal Investigations Division claims the joint investigation that no one has any paperwork on or knowledge of is why the MPD is refusing to file a rape report against one of their officers. I have tried to report it at least 50 times. Online, email, snail mail, in person at Ripley St., at 1751 Cong WL Dickinson Dr. where CID headquarters is and Deputy Chief has his office with all his cop buddies AND where Officer Mike McCord worked in property crimes when he raped me. Also the old Montgomery Mall location on the East South Blvd.

This is still an ongoing fire and I will refuse to extinguish it until they write a real report. I have been threatened with arrest and indictment if I do not shut up, keep quiet, stop posting about these people, stop talking about [his] Deputy Chief John W. Hall’s fine officers or try to force an investigation into my mothers poisoning death and murder. The MPD is playing a game, one that they think they can win by attrition, they will not because I wont stop. I have been fighting them for longer than many of them have been on the force.

Michael McCord’s House

I have the truth on my side. Montgomery Police Officer Michael McCord raped me in his home on 04-14-2012. I can describe the inside of his house, his bathroom, garage, bedroom, living room, the entire layout. I even made a phone call to my mom from his landline letting her know I was far away. A lot farther than I was supposed to be when the officer offered a ride around the block on his motorcycle. She was worried and I didn’t know if I was ever going to see her again.

-The Peppermint Unicorn

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