Text Message I Sent To U.S. Deputy Marshal Luke Garner, The Law-Dog Who Protects Judge Myron H. Thompson. Retaliation by U.S. District Judges in Montgomery.

After I found out treasonist U.S. Judge Myron Thompson threw out my case instead of recusing himself, I sent this to his “law-dog.”

Thompson and his dirty judge friends, like Judge W. Keith Watkins, threw out my Civil Rights Cases. Judge Jerusha ‘MPD Killer K9 Dog Protector’ Adams, & Judge Huffaker, Threw Out My Other Cases. I hope all the U.S. Federal Judges and U.S. Marshals, who continue to coverup for Costa Rica, get a one way ticket there. It will be better than going to prison. The Montgomery Police Department, ALEA, the AG, District Attorney, FBI Mobile Division, Deputy Chief John Hall, Chief of Police Daryl Albert, Bill Barousse with City Investigations, ex MPD cop Sergeant Brandon Capps and the entire top echelon of the SBI including Shawn Loughridge and Steve Arrington are working together in a conspiracy to cover up everything I am alleging.

I have been asking for the MPD to file and open a rape investigation against MPD officer Michael McCord to which they have all denied me many times over. Three of them, Bill Barousse, Sgt Brandon Capps and Deputy Chief John Hall have all claimed there was an investigation that they are aware of between the FBI and the MPD but have refused to produce any documentation that shows the existence of any such investigation. When we have asked the FBI for the documents they [FBI] claim they do not investigate rape and have never investigated my rape by MPD officer Michael McCord in any joint investigation. Furthermore the FBI said they have never investigated me with the MPD at all. Agent Andrew Sullivan told me to my face with a witness that they only have one document about any rape that I was involved in and that was my 4/14/2013 report that I myself submitted to agent Jeremy Wright. They still have it on file but have never done any investigation into it.

The MPD has never opened any investigation into my mother’s and my poisoning at our 3156 Cloverdale Road home, nor have they ever responded to my requests to open an investigation into my mothers murder by that poisoning. At that time, Major John W Hall told me that “There is nothing I can say to him to make him open any investigation into anything.” He also sighted that he personally did not like me talking about his officers ‘that way.’ He was referencing my continuous reporting of the police department’s dereliction of duty and its officers obvious refusal to help me, file reports, investigate death threats against me and my mother. After I got raped in 2012 the MPD’s refusal to do anything became nearly epic and obvious.

I have since written over two hundred letters to everyone from the Governor on down to the lowest cop in the agency. I have asked everyone in the Alabama justice system and beyond for help getting these ghost documents that Hall, Barousse, Capps and others claim exist but they have admitted they have “Never seen themselves.” The city, county, state and federal authorities have all been contacted dozens of times each and have yet to fulfill a single request, report, investigation or produce any evidence as to why they refuse to help me. All I have is Deputy Chief John Hall telling me he will do nothing to help me.

Their conspiratorial action and effort has been ramped up in recent months. Ever since I called out Judge Myron H. Thompson for colluding with Henrietta Boggs Ferrer MacGuire the former first lady of Costa Rica. I posted his address, just a few houses down from my own in Cloverdale, on Twitter last fall and his law dog Luke Garner called my legal reps phone to try to coerce me to take it down. He lied and said it was doxing, it was not. He then tried to pin me with conspiracy to harm the Judge, it was not. He tried to get me to do what he said by threatening to indict me but he could not come up with a legal reason. When I completely refused any and all commands by him to stop talking about his boss, he got a hold of Twitter and forced me to remove just those two public information google maps of my neighborhood that included Judge Thompson’s house. Luke Garner was obviously trying to appease his boss Judge Thompson because the Judge didn’t like me talking about him.

Luke Garner promised to get with the Assistant US Attorney and get back with me the next day with the statute or law I was breaking but he did not. Luke has never answered me or my legal rep since that phone call last June 28th 2022. I have been fighting with and begging for the MPD to file my report but they have been refusing at every turn. Since my July 20th 2022 meeting with Major John Hall and subsequent FBI visit that same day, all communication has basically ceased with me. I cannot get a hold of anyone, no one will give me any call backs, documents, fulfill FOIA requests, answer emails, texts or traditional mail requests.

I also sent this to Law-Dog Deputy U.S. Marshal Luke Garner. They know where the safe house is in Cartago, Costa Rica.

First cases: U.S. Judge Huffaker and Judge Jerusha Adams of the Middle District of Alabama. Fredrika M. Miller vs. City and County of Montgomery, Alabama. This is how people like these of the Middle District of Alabama treat woman citizens violating the Violence Against Women Act of 1994.

Corrupt Judges…

Second set of cases William Keith Watkins, Susan Russ Walker, Myron H. Thompson. Fredrika M. Miller vs. Montgomery Police Department and ALEA.

Corrupt Judges In Montgomery, Alabama.

Alabama and its many legal departments, organizations and elected officials are conspiring to keep me quiet. I will refuse at all costs. As a matter of fact I am going to get much louder as of right now. These corrupt politicians, cops, agents, attorneys and judges need to file my reports, take my statements, interview me and investigate the crimes committed against me by the unjust justice system of Alabama.

– The Peppermint Unicorn 🍬🦄

One response to “Text Message I Sent To U.S. Deputy Marshal Luke Garner, The Law-Dog Who Protects Judge Myron H. Thompson. Retaliation by U.S. District Judges in Montgomery.”

  1. […] is still an ongoing fire and I will refuse to extinguish it until they write a real report. I have been threatened with arrest and indictment if I do not shut up, keep quiet, stop posting abou…Deputy Chief John W. Hall’s fine officers or try to force an investigation into my mothers […]


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