Missing You On Mardi Gras, Mama. ðŸŒ¹

I do not have many photos or momentos of my life. I remember being with my Mom many Mardis Gras ago. I did not spend the time with her that I wish I had. That is my regret. But the photo is funny because my tiara was so heavy. I had to stand back from people so as not to hit them in the head with it. That is why you see me kinda pulled away from Mama. We were big huggers and always told each other we loved each other. My Mom and I were like twins. We had a connection I cannot describe. Telepathic. When she died, part of my heart went with her. We talked on the phone everyday if we were not together. I would give my life to see my Mom’s beautiful smile or hear her laugh one more time. Missing you always, Mama. You are my Angel Face, and I am Mama’s Baby forever. 🌹💐

Me & Mama. Mardi Gras.

-The Peppermint Unicorn 🍬🦄

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