A Trail of Lies from New Orleans PD to MPD. Wake Up MPD Chief Darryl Albert! ðŸ¦„🍬🍬🪶🪶🪶🍀

I reported the newest Montgomery Police Chief Darryl Albert, to politicians, media, and law enforcement agencies in Louisiana and all over the USA for refusing to arrest MPD Officer Mike McCord. I was raped on 04/14/2012 and I have been trying to report it for 10+ years. See demand letter below.

Former NOPD Commander Darryl Albert had a history at the New Orleans Police Department for alleged sexual harassment, retaliation and workplace discimination. He also was in charge of the New Orleans Crime Lab which he left, “in shambles.” He was under investigation from at least December of 2021, until the day he left New Orleans for Montgomery, Alabama becoming the newest Police Chief for the MPD March 2022. **Make sure to watch the video in the news story below.**

WDSU Investigates: Shake-up at NOPD crime lab amid allegations

Former NOPD Superintendent Shawn D. Ferguson allowed Darryl Albert to walk away from the NOPD without being charged with any crimes. Ask Mayor LaToya Cantrell who is currently under federal investigation.


Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed then hired this alleged criminal to take the helm of the Montgomery Police Department March 2022. How convenient for Darryl Albert!

I received a letter in the mail post dated December 02, 2022 from Superintendent Shawn D. Ferguson in response to my demand letter.

Superintendent of NOPD Shawn Ferguson signed the letter for Deputy Keith Sanchez. The Department of Police, Public Integrity Bureau. They supposedly cannot investigate Darryl J. Albert due to the reason, “the identity of the officer is unknown or works for another agency.” Ferguson was forced to retire days later.


The Public Integrity Bureau did however forward my sexual assault concern” to the NOPD Special Victims Unit. They also forwarded my complaint to the Montgomery Police Department. The same New Orleans PD Public Integrity Bureau who is presently under federal scrutiny for payroll fraud and other crimes.

ZURIK: Timesheets show questionable practices among NOPD’s Public Integrity Bureau

The Montgomery Police Department has one rape report on record from Las Vegas Metro Police Department they took from me as a courtesy report and sent to the MPD on 05/20/2019. Now a second “concern” on my rape from the NOPD. Yet to this day, the MPD themselves, still REFUSE to take a rape report from me, pointing fingers at the FBI Mobile Alabama Division and a “Ghost Op” report that does not exist. The FBI Mobile Division Agents tell me, “the MPD are lying.”

Who is telling the top brass at the MPD not to take crime reports from me?

The Peppermint Unicorn 🍬🦄

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