Montgomery Police Department Latest B.S. News Con-ference. My posts during broadcast on their FB site. More ‘Ghost Op’ information as well. πŸ¦„πŸ¬πŸ¬πŸͺΆπŸͺΆπŸͺΆπŸ€

Chief Darryl Albert needs new glasses. His “20/20 Vision Campaign” needs to be focused on rapist cops like Mike McCord. Albert was the former Commander of the New Orleans Police Department, Scientific Lab, where he left the lab in “shambles.” Ask Mayor Latoya Cantrell, presently under federal investigation. Albert was also accused of sexual harassment among other crimes. He fled the NOPD and was hired onto the MPD by Mayor Steve Reed in an attempt to thwart justice in New Orleans. Investigate it for yourself if you don’t believe me. I’m sure Lee Zurik at Fox8Vue News, New Orleans can help you out.

Chief Darryl Albert of MPD, formerly Commander of the New Orleans Police Department.

Chief Darryl Albert is in the crosshairs of my investigation into corruption at the MPD, and the City and County of Montgomery, Alabama.
Screenshot of some of my comments at the recent FB MPD “special report.”
Why is Darryl Albert instructing Major John Hall, of Montgomery Criminal Investigations, to ignore my rape by MPD Officer Mike McCord?

The recent news conference on 1-26-2023 held in Alabama at the CID headquarters is an example of the mind-numbing crap that the MPD spews all over the people they are trying to get on their side. Showing a couple guns they found and some random drugs is just lip service. They are showing minimal activity and trying to sell it as something big and special. Let me be clear, “It is not big or special.” In a town like Montgomery they should be getting ten times these results.

Chief of CID, John Hall, slithered up to the mic and said almost nothing. His other cop investigator barely got out any information either. They are conning you. They are refusing to open an investigation into my rape by a police officer, that’s news. CID Chief John Hall lies and claims he will not open an investigation and says he has never investigated my rape yet in the same breath he claims a joint investigation was conducted between the MPD and the FBI. I went to the FBI at Chief (CID) John Hall’s recommendation and asked for documents pertaining to the so called “Ghost Op” and the FBI’s agent Andrew Sullivan said that “If the MPD is claiming there was an investigation, joint or otherwise, then they are lying.”

My point is, that these stupid press conferences are just McGuffins. To put it literally, a McGuffin drives a plot but serves no further purpose related to the story, smoke and mirrors. The cops believe that in order to get the public, the citizens of Montgomery, behind the MPD they have to show some kind of prize or reward for their job. They are justifying their existence with petty busts presented in a grandiose manner, like showing off trophies they have won. The spoils of war, a big box of trinkets they are showing off. When you look past the shiny surface, you see the same old dull corrupted people doing the same thing they have been doing for decades. They give each other hand jobs and attaboys. They stroke each others egos, but do nothing for any of us.

Don’t let them fool you. I have met with some of them personally and they are weak and without teeth or a bite. Chief Albert comes from NOLA with a history of unprofessional conduct and high employee turnover due to his unethical behavior. He is and has been in hot water with Mayor Latoya Cantrell and left New Orleans for Alabama to diffuse the trouble he got into with his handling of the scientific crime lab he left in “shambles.” The allegations levied against him got him reassigned to the K-9 and mounted units, continuing his dog and pony show. Now he is in Montgomery with his unique brand of management. We’ll see how long the ‘already stretched thin’ MPD lasts before he starts running officers off here. Giddy-up!

Not Police Chief Albert but Chief John Hall of Montgomery Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division at today’s news conference.

Chief (I know him as Major) John Hall, head of the Criminal Investigations Division is in direct contact with the police chief but refuses to discuss with him my rape or my mother’s murder. He is complicit in keeping me from getting justice and refuses to offer any reason why he won’t help me. He keeps skirting around my issues with bullshit lies about “Ghost Op” documents he cannot produce. He implicates the Mobile Division of the FBI constantly, passing the buck, but offers no help to me at all. He told me in person that “There is nothing you can say to me that will make me open any investigation for you.” and that my “Word is not enough to start any investigation.” He said he would not even interview or question anyone based on what I have told him. I have given him the names of the people responsible for the crimes committed against me and my mother Ozell, witnesses and even the name of my cop rapist. Officer Michael McCord whom John Hall worked with had retired suddenly after he raped me. CID Chief John Hall claimed this made him immune from police department questioning and investigation. So how was a joint FBI investigation EVER carried out if McCord was not eligible departmentally for prosecution? A joint investigation, as described by John Hall is suddenly inaccessible to the Chief of the CID? Now Hall is trying to say it has nothing to do with the MPD and he has never seen any report or investigation. He even told Keyanna McKinney the Sexual Assault Coordinator with the National Guard in a three way phone call with me that he “Has never seen it and not to quote him on it.”

So there is your crack team of professional law enforcement officers at the helm of the MPD’s 20/20 task force. Some vision, mostly just smoke and mirrors. A news conference with as much power as a grade school show and tell.

The Peppermint Unicorn πŸ¦„πŸ¬πŸ¬πŸͺΆπŸͺΆπŸͺΆπŸ€

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