My Testimony Of The Crimes In Alabama: recorded January 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada.🦄🍬🍬🪶🪶🪶🍀

I was interviewed for this video in Jaunary 2018. My Mom and I had to flee the State of Alabama, September 2017. We packed our life’s possessions in our SUV and escaped out west, to Las Vegas, Nevada. My Mom had not yet been told she had the life ending illness caused by the chemical saturation of our home in Montgomery in 2009. During this interview my Mom was sitting to my left, just out of view. I had no idea she would be dead in less than two years. I had no idea I would still be fighting for justice now, over five years after this recording. I cannot believe the apathy in society still existing like it did before we were poisoned in our own home. How can anyone in Alabama purport to be a Christian and watch and listen to my recordings and do nothing? How can the people out there across the USA and other parts of the world not care? I just do not understand. Our lives were not a joke. We were human beings.

My true account of the events that ran my Mom and I out of Alabama. It is the evil that destroyed my life, as I knew it, forever.

The Peppermint Unicorn 🍬🦄

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