Here is the FBI Mobile division saying they do NOT investigate rape. Major John Hall with the Montgomery, AL Police Dept. insists they do. πŸ¦„πŸ¬πŸ¬πŸͺΆπŸͺΆπŸͺΆπŸ€(scroll down to FBI logo to recording…)

Recently my representative was on a driving trip back from one of our meetings with another asshole who won’t listen to us about my rape by MPD Officer Mike McCord. During the drive he decided to try to get a hold of Andrew Sullivan again at the FBI Mobile Division in Montgomery. Earlier in 2022 on July 20th we met with Major Hall at CID [Criminal Investigation Division] in Montgomery. He claimed the FBI had done a joint investigation with the MPD and if we want to continue the discussion any further that we would have to go speak to the FBI, so we did. After the meeting we went to the FBI office on 1 Commerce St in downtown Montgomery and spoke with an Andrew Sullivan. While in the FBI office, I also filed a physical complaint against the MPD, ALEA, AG Steve Marshall and many of the usual suspects I consistently contact and get ‘Zero’ support from. I was told an agent would be in contact soon. Not a word to this day.

In that July 20th meeting that prompted the FBI contact Major Hall said some pretty outlandish stuff. Among other things he refused to discuss my rape by officer Mike McCord. He clammed up about it and even got angry at any follow up statements or questions we had regarding it or anyone in his police force. He even got visibly angry and whined about me saying anything derogatory aimed at his corrupt friends. He made it clear he was personally offended if we brought up anything negative concerning his friends in blue.

Half the reason we were there to talk to him was to discuss the simple fact that “I wasn’t getting help from the MPD.” It was like going to the fire department to discuss why my house burned down but not being allowed to mention fire. He is a simple man with no conscience and no desire to grow and learn and help those he is supposedly hired to protect. He sticks by his law and never strays from it, protecting his officers character and reputations above all else. I have written about this extensively on my blog here.

So back to the phone call by my rep. He has made easily a dozen phone calls to the FBI Mobile Division in Montgomery. He and I both have called the number 334 263 1691 more times than we can count. We have filed many reports and and have been told more than a dozen times that someone would be getting back in touch with us but they do not. This phone call represents one of the rare times an agent actually spoke with one of us. My representative was driving and the phone call cuts out at the end. He tried several times to get back with the agent, we’ll call Agent Green, because that’s what it sounds like he says. No one ever returned our call nor have we been able to reach Agent Green.

The above recording, represents one of the few times either of us has spoken with an actual agent on duty. Even though he says they don’t investigate rape, we still don’t get help from Major John Hall or the MPD. Apparently rape is ok, as long as it is done with the permission of the MPD. Look the other way, Hall keep looking with your cop glasses on. I am reminded of how you made a statement to the media about your daughter and her personal problems with someone abusing her. How would you feel if Mike McCord raped and sodomized her? Would you have the same BS response to her? Would you refuse to talk about all the good ol’ boys you have working in your office. Would you still be protecting him?

When you let one woman down, you let them all down, including your daughter. This is on you Major John Hall. It was easy for me to find your daughters name and pictures online, imagine how easy it would be for anyone to do the same. Helping, not hindering people who are scared and have valid concerns should be you mantra, not misdirection, deference and denial.

The Peppermint Unicorn

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