Complaints Filed in Alabama Federal Courts Against Alabama. 🍬🦄🪶

I returned to Alabama in January of 2020 after my mother’s burial in California. My Mom’s name was Myrtle Ozell Chandler Miller. I am an only child and she was my entire life. She died by poisoning which my ex, William Bellingrath von Gal, paid to have happen to take her out of my life. I vowed to my Mom on her deathbed, on Christmas morning 2019, that I would get the people who murdered her and I would get her Justice. For the past 2 years and 8 months, I have been fighting the system. I am fighting the MPD, ALEA, the city and county of Montgomery, and nearly every single elected official responsible for our problems in Alabama. William Bellingrath von Gal, Tommy Gallion, Jim Debardelaben, Mayor Steven Reed, Mayor Robert Craft, Attorney General Steve Marshall, Governor Kay Ivey and many members of law enforcement. None of these people will give me a chance to speak, much less open an investigation into my mother’s murder by poisoning, attempted murder on my life, the theft of our property in Montgomery and in Gulf Shores, and many other obscene crimes. They refuse to investigate any death threats, homicide, attempted homicide, rape, and physical assault against myself or my late mother.

I have spent countless hours, reams of paper, and dozens of ink cartridges to make contact with authorities in Alabama. I have tried unsuccessfully to report my rape by Montgomery police officer Michael McCord. The police stick together like super glue. They refuse to engage with me nearly every single time I ask for an audience with them. They lie, they do not investigate and they hide behind each other because that’s what criminals do. I have gotten nowhere with them.

With my representative, Gary Sauer, I have written and filed several federal lawsuit complaints against the various entities causing me the most trouble in Alabama. I cannot file criminally without attorneys, nor can I file in circuit court as I have been told on more than one occasion that I, “Will never win a case in circuit court in Alabama ever again.” Every attorney I have sought and retained over the decades has taken my money and then backed out of the cases, leaving my Mom and I caught up in court cases to delete our meager assets. Every judge in Alabama knows my name and my ex’s name, William Bellingrath von Gal. They refuse or recuse themselves from any litigation I am involved in. Getting a fair trial in Alabama is impossible when everyone is on the take.

Listed below are a few of the complaints I have filed, in the federal court system. The federal judges go months at a time sitting on my cases and then come up with some excuse why I need to file some new document or file a piece of obscure paperwork. Then they release my complaint to another judge or magistrate who then starts the same process over again, to run out time. I am literally being spun around in circles. No can seem to find a way to get me in a courtroom, much less any kind of discovery or mediation session to take my cases further. The court system has been a joke, and shows no signs of movement or desire to help me, just like the local corrupt city and county authorities.

I cannot trust anyone in the Alabama justice system. I spend an incredible amount of time posting, tweeting, writing, emailing and calling these morons, and I get the same response nearly every time, nothing. Don’t expect to be treated like a human here in Alabama, especially if you are a woman, elderly, indigenous or have any medical or physical condition like a disability. If you are not on their list of paid accomplices or in that “golden inner circle” then you are an outcast. The “Law Dogs” are not gentlemen, they are obscene and useless figureheads.

The next is the MPD ALEA complaint

The next one is Beachcomber and Coastline Management.

2 responses to “Complaints Filed in Alabama Federal Courts Against Alabama. 🍬🦄🪶”

  1. That’s what you been waiting on and all your hard work.

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    1. Yes. I filed the original complaints in December 2020. This one had to be revised. I’ll be posting every page in the next few days. Thank you Buckie. 🙂❤️


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