If you don’t hand over the house, things are going to get worse.

      August 18, 2009 :

   My Mom and I were having a late lunch at Martin’s Restaurant located at Country Club Shopping Center in Montgomery, Alabama. A strange man was sitting at a table to our left. I kept noticing him looking over at us. We just ignored him. After we were finished eating we walked outside to go to home. The same strange man was sitting on a bench outside, he began talking to us. He told my Mom and I that he had tried to get the waitress there to give us his card, but she refused. He handed me his card. The card had Mastar Consulting written on it. It also had his current cellphone number written in his own hand 334-202-2126.

Keith brought up a subject that led to guns.

At one point during our discussion he mentioned that the color of the truck he was driving was gun metal gray. I didn’t know why he would say that. I had a large bruise on my arm where the always-drunk Canadian, Josh Gogan, had hit me. I was wearing a long sleeve silk shirt to cover it up. My Mom told the man that I was being beaten up by this person. She pulled up my sleeve for him to see. She was telling this man, who identified himself as Keith Giles Wideman, that we were being attacked in Cloverdale and the police were doing nothing. Keith brought up a subject that led to guns.

Keith Giles Wideman

   My Mom began telling Keith about Will von Gal. She told him he was an arms manufacturer [Autauga Arms] and he was causing us a lot of trouble. She told him we contacted the ATF to try to get some help. She mentioned the ATF agent Dave Pasquelo, the Gulf Shores Police Department and Officer Calloway. She told him that GSPD said they had thrown the Molotov Cocktail, found under my SUV in 1998, into the trash instead of sending it to Quantico, Virginia. Keith responded, “So you have some experience in dealing with these things.”

We had no reason to believe otherwise and we weren’t getting any help from the Montgomery Police Department.

   Keith then mentioned how he went to Ecuador and that I should come with him next time. I told him I would think about it, although I had no intention of going to Ecuador. Keith told us he could help us. We had no reason to believe otherwise and we weren’t getting any help from the Montgomery Police Department. We went home. After I met Keith at Martin’s Restaurant, I talked to Josh Gogan and told him about my encounter. I told him Keith mentioned he wanted me to go to Ecuador with him. Josh said, “No! No! No! Do you know how many children he has?” I don’t know what Josh meant or why he would know information about Keith.

   At some point later, maybe the next week, Keith called me and I agreed to meet with him. When he picked me up from my house in his truck the first thing he said was, “What are y’all going to do with the house?” He looked at me then at our home. I said, “What do you mean? We are going to live in it.” He then drove the next block down from my house to 3303 Cloverdale Rd. where Josh Gogan was renting from The Lankford’s. (I found out later Josh’s rent checks never cleared because he was being paid to investigate me.) Keith stopped in front of his house and turned to me and said, “How do you think I know where Josh lives?” He never explained things he said. People that talk like this, without explaining their questions or statements always seem like they are hiding something or gathering information. He then kept driving and we ended up at a bar/restaurant in downtown Montgomery.

I don’t want to be here. My Dad died here.

   Keith ordered us warm Apple Cider drinks. After we finished our drinks we left. He took me on a back route by Wilson Logistics to the rear entrance of Lagoon Park. I didn’t realize we were at Lagoon Park at first. As we drove past some tennis courts I recognized where we were. I got upset and told him, “I don’t want to be here. My Dad died here.” (My Dad died at Lagoon Park March 24, 1981 while playing in a tennis tournament on the same tennis courts. I was 12 years old. I had only been back there two times since that night to cry and think of my Dad.) I was very upset. He pretended not to know this fact. He apologized and we drove on.

Keith Wideman

Keith then began talking about how a large tree had fallen on his house. I told him that the same thing had happened to our home just a few months earlier. I recounted the story of the huge, nearly 100 year old oak tree that had been toppled over and fell in-between our home and the home next door doing damage and how Allstate Insurance with Adrienne Eaves/Dugan Agency refused to come pick up the tree for 32 days. I told him how Michael Stroup was hired to fix the damage the tree had done. I told him how Mr. Stroup did a terrible job at our home and that our basement was now filling up with water.

We couldn’t get him to come back out and fix it properly. Then Keith drove me to the parking lot of Montgomery Catholic High School. We were facing down Vaughn Road. He asked me, “Do you know who used to own that lot?” He pointed to a place on Vaughn Road just beyond the tree line, it was an empty lot. I immediately recognized the lot. I said “Yes, I recognize it. It’s John Broadway’s property. It wasn’t fair that all the rich boys were protected and got to stay in the USA and John was run out of Alabama, forced to live his life in Costa Rica. John didn’t get to be with his Mom when she was dying.” Keith replied, “You and your Mama need to be taught a lesson.”

In the early 70’s John was being groomed to be the Governor of Alabama.

   I was referring to the 1973 Cocaine and marijuana bust by the MPD of John Levi Broadway. This bust forced him into exile in Cartago, Costa Rica. It made him a fugitive from justice. John Broadway was NOT trafficking drugs at the time and was set up by the MPD. John Broadway knew the MPD was killing citizens in Montgomery. There are two killings John and Will von Gal and others knew about and the MPD was covering this up, even to this day. In the early 70’s John was being groomed to be the Governor of Alabama. John Broadway preferred black women. Powerful people in Alabama didn’t want him there and they set him up

     I saw Keith one more time before September 18, 2009. This time he picked me up and took me to his house on 74 Maplewood Drive, Montgomery, Alabama. Keith had his computer on and I would find out later that he was audio and video recording me in his house and other places. He was also live-streaming me online for certain people to see me with him. People like Micki Beth Stiller and others. Keith told me that he had a plan to grow marijuana and that I could help him. He told me he had marijuana seeds and that I could grow plants for him. I never responded to this idea. He didn’t mention it anymore. He did have marijuana at his home.

Micki Beth Stiller

   Then Keith told me he and Eddie Caldwell of Cloverdale Rd. were, “Fixing up houses.” There was active remodeling going on at his place at 74 Maplewood Drive. I found out later on that he sold the home to a Misty Durham from Harris, Minnesota. It was an unusual fact that the credit card charges on his statements were from Minneapolis, Minnesota although he never mentioned her.

   Keith then ‘disappeared’ for a short time. During this time I was lured away from my home at 3156 Cloverdale Rd by Joshua Guy Gogan to go to Seagrove, Florida. We stayed at one of Attorney Micki Beth Stiller’s homes there. Josh Gogan worked for Dr. Rodgers and Dr. Ada Struby of Robison Hill Rd Veterinary Clinic as a veterinary technician. Dr. Rodgers also owned John Broadway’s old lot on Vaughn Rd where he rebranded the property “Rodgers Christmas Tree Farm.”

While I was gone for the weekend with Josh, my Mom was poisoned.

   Dr. Rodgers NEVER let Josh off work for the weekend. But the same weekend he mysteriously gave Josh time off of work, my Mom and I had finally managed to schedule Michael Stroup to work at our house again. It had taken months to get him to agree to repair the mess he had made of our home. It was scheduled for the weekend of September 18, 2009. While I was gone for the weekend with Josh, my Mom was poisoned. We ended up living in the house almost five more years in the residual poison trying to defend our property from being stolen. We were also told there were barrels of arsenic buried in our backyard. We had no idea if it was true, but we believed it to some extent as we were already living in a poisoned environment. People told us a lot of things to try to get us out of the house and neighborhood over the years, terrorizing us constantly.

    We couldn’t get anyone to come out to the house anymore. It seemed no one would help us with anything. We felt like we were red flagged and outcast in our own neighborhood. It was only 10 years and 3 months later that my Mom would die in my arms on Christmas Day 2019 from cirrhosis of the liver due to the chemical saturation.

   Keith had been out of the picture for about a year and a half but showed up again at our front door in April, 2011. He apparently wasn’t done trying to get our house. I remember specifically because it was soon after Josh and I had gone to court. My mom was in her rocking chair on the front porch. Keith demanded to come in and see me. My mother refused and told him I was working on some legal papers that they were time sensitive. My mom and I both knew that Keith had worked at my Uncle Jim Rush’s architectural place. We were in a lawsuit with his wife, my Aunt Linda Rush, my Aunt Shelby Talley and Geraldine “Aunt Candy” Bice. Keith then insisted he come in and my mother stopped him and said “Jimmy Rush can go fuck off.” Keith replied “I don’t work with Jim Rush, I work for him.” My mom still refused him entry so he stormed off in a huff.

It was still Keith’s number but I was talking to both of them.

   Now that Keith was around, he started calling me again. He would tell me some stories I would recognize as stories Will von Gal had told me. Then I would suddenly hear Will on the phone talking then back to Keith. It was still Keith’s number but I was talking to both of them. I think Keith was letting Will get in touch with me through him. Things he would say to me that only Will could possibly know made it clear I was talking to Will, yet it was still Keith’s number. I didn’t realize this at the time of the phone calls. I did figure it out eventually and I confronted him about it.

   Will had access to professional police technology. He was phone spoofing me, had hacked Keith’s number or they were working together to get to me. If you do not know people are playing phone games then it fucks with your head, something Will loved to do to me. I confronted the man on the phone I thought was Keith and I said “Why do you sound like my ex Will von Gal?” He asked: “What’s my name?” and I said “Keith” He answered “Alright then.” Just like Will would say. It was as If I am supposed to just refer to this caller as Keith, regardless of the voice changes or the stories he would tell. Will taught me to never question things he would tell me, just to follow orders. Since it sounded like Will I just did what I was told.

   I was with Keith at 1947 Norman Bridge Rd where he was staying. He was working at his computer when he put some names up on the screen, the Woods. He went through a few different “Wood’s” names and would watch my face for a reaction. When I didn’t respond and didn’t recognize any of the names he blurted out “You and Will are going to kill each other.” I had no idea what he meant or why he would say that about Will. He still claims he has never met Will and does not know him.

She had written down ‘Steyr AR15’s missing in South America.’

   It took a while for me to figure out what Keith was referring to. What was the Wood’s connection? How was Will involved? Well I remembered finding a handwritten note my mom had jotted down while talking to George Mastin with the ATF in the fall of 2002. Yes I keep all the records, notes, receipts and scraps of paper my mom and I are in contact with. She had written down ‘Steyr AR15’s missing in South America.’ Maybe this is what Keith and others were looking for when they said they ‘Tore down the wrong house.’ The Woods brothers, Donnie Woods specifically owned Gun South Inc. (GSI) GSI was the only company that was allowed to import Steyr Firearms into the US, at that time.

   I didn’t know at the time that the government was investigating Luther Jones of the Minnow Bucket in Autaugaville and Will von Gal who had his home and business in Autaugaville. The businesses he owned were called Autauga Arms and Loose Cannon Firearms. There were a lot of guns missing or unaccounted for and I was always being questioned by people I meet. Many of these people, I felt, had come into my life just to gather information, like Keith Wideman. This is why I would have investigators, unmarked and marked police vehicles outside my home.

   Even the charter cable guy John, asked me and my mother about Luther Jones guns. He would show up at odd times and had no reason to be there. We did not call him or request any service at that time. He also said I had some kind of interference at the pole down the street, I believe was due to the surveillance being done to me at my property. We also had our wiring boxes, containing our Charter cable and AT&T phone wires, tampered with as we kept finding it open and wires moved around. He was unnecessarily attentive and talkative and would have had no knowledge of Luther Jones or Will’s missing guns. It had been years, almost two decades since I had even been near Will’s property more than an hour away.

Then a few minutes later he told me “You should work in a house of prostitution.”

   In February of 2012 we were on our way to see Keith’s newborn granddaughter. We were making small talk on the way. He seemed nervous and I was trying to calm him down. All of a sudden he blurted out “Let’s kidnap the landscaper.” He was talking about Michael Stroup, the man who destroyed our home. I don’t remember saying anything back to him. I just sat there thinking about what he said. Was he trying to set me up? Was he trying to get me in trouble or get me to agree to something illegal? Then a few minutes later he told me “You should work in a house of prostitution.” This time I responded “What do you mean?” I was offended, upset and it turned to anger. He said “I don’t mean like that, you could do the books.” I didn’t answer him again, I just sat there stunned thinking about it. How does someone ‘Legally’ work at a place like that? I would get in even more trouble than one of the girls just working there. Doing the books is like running the place. Was Keith already involved in prostitution? He said he ran Mastar Consulting. Many people who have consulting or advisory type jobs are using them for fronts to other businesses, illegal ones. I kept quiet, taking in another foolish thing Keith had said without explanation or forethought. I never brought it up again.

   We were getting ready to leave the hospital when Keith hands his ex a ‘Celebratory Joint’. I thought it was odd to say it that way because the only other time in my life I had ever heard that term used was when Will von Gal said it. Keith maintains he does not know him, yet he says things and does things Will does. I do not forget things when or where I hear them. I have always had a photographic memory. We left the hospital and Keith took me to eat at the Eastside Grill on the Atlanta Hwy.

   It was early in the evening, in the wintertime. There was almost no one there. The waiter approached us and we ordered. Keith and the waiter started talking like they knew each other. The waiter would come and go but when he was at our table he and Keith would continue chatting. At one point they mentioned an Admiral in the Navy, it made them both laugh. It seemed they knew the same people. The waiter then spoke to me and said “The people that work in the city aren’t all bad. Mayor Strange will be here tomorrow, you should come have lunch with him.” Keith agreed that I should.

Mayor Todd Strange

   I had no desire to meet with Mayor Strange. Why would both Keith and the waiter try to set me up to have lunch with the mayor? Keith tried to set me up with Morris Dees, founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center another time. People were always trying to get me to ‘meet up’ with people. After we finished eating I was tired. I told Keith in his truck that I had no intention of meeting the mayor for lunch. I don’t trust people so easily and this was one of those times when I felt like I was being coerced into doing what someone else had put together to get me to do. Later on I would find out that same waiter moved down to Sea Grove, Florida. He moved into a house owned by Micki Beth Stiller, a name that popped up all the time. I knew of Micki Beth and the things she was involved in, legal and illegal, so I kept that fact with me as well.

After a short chat she said “It is time for you to leave Montgomery.”

   Keith took me to eat another time. It was Wintzell’s Oyster House. He wanted me to see the floors there that he had, ‘redone.’ The line was too long to get in so we went to another restaurant that was not so busy. We sat, ordered and ate dinner. At the end of the meal I got up to go to the restroom. While I was in the bathroom in front of the mirror a lady walked in and started talking to me directly. She didn’t come in to use the bathroom or wash up she just started talking to me. After a short chat she said “It is time for you to leave Montgomery.” Obviously this was the reason she came in. I didn’t know the woman or understand why she would walk up to me in a bathroom of all places and tell me it was time I left the city. Later on I would remember her and I figured out who she was.

   Her name was Jennifer Reaves. She worked for the Montgomery PD. I have seen her in a few other places but didn’t realize who she was and that she was obviously stalking me. I saw her once in a courtroom with my friend Josh. I also saw her once in Selma at my attorney’s office, William Faile. He was right next door to Micki Beth Stiller’s office there. Micki Beth is also an attorney, Josh lived with her for a while when I first met him in 2008.  Then I saw this lady again in 2010 outside my house in Montgomery.  I was out at the park across the street taking pictures of the black SUV that was again surveilling my home. It had municipal tags on it and I saw it there often. Suddenly a blue van comes down the street and inexplicably cuts across the street and stops at the curb. It was notably odd because just as that happened I heard my mom yell out that my dog Boots had gotten out. The blue van managed to cut him off. The lady in the van swung open her door and boots jumped in. It was her again. (See my post called “I’m going to get the bitch that stalked me.” to read more about Jennifer Reaves.)

Jennifer Reaves

    The time in the restaurant bathroom would be the last time I saw her. She was prompting me to leave at around the same time in my life when Keith was trying to talk me into moving to Colorado and live on the side of a mountain. This was a dream of Will von Gals also. Keith wanted me to go and leave my mother in Alabama just like Will tried to get me to do. Many people in my life were trying to get me out of my home and away from my mother. I don’t understand why this was happening. Everyone I met thought they knew what was best for me. People were always suggesting and pushing and outright telling me to go somewhere I didn’t want to be. Ultimately I never left with any of them. I stayed in Montgomery, but I didn’t get to stay much longer.

     After we had been run out of our house and down to our condo in Gulf Shores we returned to Montgomery to meet with Allstate’s adjuster Edward Merrell. It was August 2015 and when we arrived we found some broken panes of glass on our front door and upon further inspection we noticed one of Johns cards, from Charter Cable, had been dropped through the broken glass and was on the floor inside our home. It was things like this that made my mom and myself suspicious of anyone we met. The same was true about Keith. He knew too much, asked questions about things he should have no knowledge of and would show up unannounced demanding to see me or be let inside. I believed eventually he was intimately involved in the theft of my property and subsequent destruction of my home. 

One day he said he was going to get some “Happy Water” from Prattville.

   Even though he knew things, I still trusted him as he was the only person that seemed like he was trying to protect me from everything that we were experiencing at our home. He was still my friend. One day he said he was going to get some “Happy Water” from Prattville. He called it Happy Water because he was always acting spiritual and this water he would “Program” to be “Happy.” It was a specific type of spring water he could only get from Prattville, which is near Autaugaville, where Will von Gal lived.  I didn’t question his Happy Water as he was always talking about programming things and creating energy around something to make it more in line with his spiritual lifestyle. I was into it I guess, at the time.

   Anyway, on the way to Prattville Keith was driving and I was sitting on the passenger side. He started talking about my house again. He said something like “How much money would it cost if someone wanted to buy it?” I thought he was kidding but he really wanted to know a price. When I realized he was serious I told him it was my mother’s house and it was not for sale. All of a sudden he got visibly angry and hit the steering wheel with both hands, looked at me and exclaimed “Then things are going to get worse.” He upset me and I wanted to get out right then but we were moving so I sat quietly for a moment and he calmed down and changed the subject. I guess he really needed his “Happy Water.”

Mr. Happy Water

   I didn’t spend much time with him directly after that. When we talked on the phone he would bring up the house and tell me I needed to “Get out of there.” He would get upset with me because I wasn’t hanging out with him all the time. He would say things like “What am I supposed to do when you aren’t here?” I didn’t know what he meant by that but later would realize it meant that he was there for a purpose I was unaware of. Maybe he was there to gather information or to keep an eye on me for someone, like Will maybe.

   On the way back from Prattville, Keith started talking about my late father. He had never known him as he had died in 1981, decades before I had ever met Keith. He told me my father was having an affair when he was working at Blount Int. He told me her name was Cathy Caddell, whose family owns Caddell Construction. I was extremely angry at him for saying that about my father. I had never heard anything about this Cathy person and I knew my dad would not have an affair. But after thinking about it later on I remember shortly before my dad died he took me to lunch with a lady he knew or worked with. I believe it was Cathy Caddell, however I can’t be sure. So maybe Keith was telling the truth but still, how would he have ever know something like that. Maybe from my uncle Jim Rush?

Jim was always abusive to her. He was a big guy, 6’4” and could easily hurt her badly

   Then Keith started talking about my uncle Jim and Aunt Linda Rush, people he claims to work for. He said “Why do you think Jim is not interested in Linda?” I said smartly “Because he’s gay?” He said calmly “No, it is because my aunt was not his type.” He was basically saying my Uncle Jim liked the “Dolly Parton look” blonde hair and big boobs. My Aunt Linda and had dark hair and regular sized boobs.  I told him “Then my uncle Jim should have left her instead of all the hell he put her through.” Then I explained about the time my Aunt Linda called and talked to my dad. She told him that Jim had hit her again. Jim was always abusive to her. He was a big guy, 6’4” and could easily hurt her badly. So I told Keith that my dad hung up and was going to go over and kick Jim’s ass. Keith scoffed with a laugh like my dad was not able to do it. My dad didn’t hit people, especially women and would not tolerate that kind of abuse. My mom did stop him from going ultimately as we had just moved to Montgomery and Linda was not going to leave him so she wanted my dad to stay out of it.

   Keith then started talking about my grandmother’s missing money. He seemed to know so much about me but I didn’t understand why. I told him maybe only my aunts were involved in the theft and that Jim didn’t know about it. He said “No, Jim knew the whole time and was part of it and Jere Beasley helped cover it up.” Jere Beasley was my uncles BFF. They went to church together and Jere was the former Lieutenant Governor of Alabama. He took over as governor when Governor George Wallace was shot. We got to his house right after and I got into my truck and went home. I was worn out from this trip and all of Keith’s stories. I thought we were just going to get “Happy Water’ but then it turned into a ‘Psyops’ trip.

Keith would eventually confess to me that he would not have been able to protect me from all the people that were after me.

   I told Keith about the lawsuit my Aunts had filed against my mother and how they were trying to hide the theft of my grandmother’s money and property. I called Keith crying about the case from the courthouse where I had been thrown out of the proceedings by Judge Jack Meigs. He told me since I was a witness I was not allowed in the courtroom. It didn’t make any sense because there were other witnesses allowed to stay. I told Keith about it he said he was going to come right over to confront Jim about what he was doing to me and my mother. I told him no because I didn’t want my mom to be upset about him being there and I didn’t believe he was going to be able to help anyway. He said after he found out what the family was doing to us and how Jimmy Rush was involved, he cut all ties with them.  He could have come to help me anyway if he was serious about it even though I told him not to but he didn’t come. Keith would eventually confess to me that he would not have been able to protect me from all the people that were after me. So Keith knew about a lot more than he was telling me even though we had known each other for quite a while.

Judge Meigs of Centreville, Alabama.

   The few times I was over at his place, weird things would happen. For example I would hear a phone ringing and it wasn’t mine or his as they were out and in view. I told him “Your other phone is ringing.” He acted as if he was caught or like I found out he had a secret phone I wasn’t supposed to know about. Another time he had me sit down facing his computer in a specific spot. It was the middle of the day but he poured me a glass of wine. He was sitting off to the side and all the lights were on around me. It felt weird because I then saw a red light come on at the computer and he started asking me strange unrelated questions. I had a sense that I was being interrogated or something. I am sure the glass of wine was to “Loosen me up.” Because all of this was out of character for him. I started answering the questions vaguely or I would just not give him a truthful response.

He said “You should never put your hands on just any gun because you will leave fingerprints on it.”

    Keith had a lot of secrets and things I would find out about him that made me uncomfortable around him. Once he pulled out a gun and was waving it around carelessly letting it point at me without concern. I jumped up and grabbed it out of his hand and told him that this was not how you handle a gun. I pointed the .22 Ruger at the ground and gave it back to him to put away. He said “You should never put your hands on just any gun because you will leave fingerprints on it.” It put chills down my spine because why would someone say that? Was he trying to implicate me in a crime down the road? Was he going to plant it on someone somewhere?

   Keith took me to see the Pirates of the Caribbean at a movie theater at the Carmichael Center. It prompted him to start talking about some land he knew about owned by some businessman named Leon Carmichael. He said he got busted for drugs or was selling drugs. He kept going on about the name Carmichael and then he just stopped talking about him. I thought it was odd that he was carrying on about this guy but I just kept it in the back of my mind for later. Keith would always talk to me like this. He would bring up something, talk all about it for no reason and then he would just go quiet. His stories were always about things we were not even talking about or something would prompt him to start talking that he would see or hear but they never really made sense to me why he was talking about it.

Leon Carmichael Sr. In cuffs

   The last time I saw Keith Wideman was July 4th 2012. We went out to Sonic for lunch and then went back to my home. On the way back he suddenly pulls out his ID and hands it to me dramatically and said “How do you think I got this?” I looked at it and it didn’t look like him. It wasn’t an official looking ID like a passport or driver’s license it was just an ID. I said “I don’t know.” He looked a little frustrated that I didn’t ask questions about it and put it away. He didn’t ever explain the ID or why he asked me.

“The best thing that could happen to this house would be if it was to burn down, you should burn it down.”

   When we got to my house we pulled up into my driveway and he said something unexpected. He turned to me and said: “The best thing that could happen to this house would be if it was to burn down, you should burn it down.” I just sat there. I was so angry I didn’t know what to say to him. Then I finally replied “That’s arson, that’s a crime.” He then said “Not if it’s your own house.” I said “That’s not true. Why would I want to burn down my own house?” I got out of his truck and went inside. I never saw him again after that. I did speak to him on the phone a couple of times but he pretty much disappeared.

   A short time after this incident our patio door got kicked in at our home. It was kicked clean off the hinge. My mom and I were at the store when it happened so we didn’t get to see who did it. The next morning I happened to be looking out front and across the street at a house that was known as the surveillance house.  I saw Keith’s truck going down the driveway and turned to the left so as to not pass my house. Why was he there and what part did he play in the things going on in my neighborhood?

   He had so many weird and connected things to say that didn’t make sense to me in the 3 years I knew him. He was always trying to separate me from my house. I was visiting him out in the country at a place he was living and he said to me “Wouldn’t you like to leave the city and move out to the country and have a house out there?” He meant me, alone, without my mother. I said “No, I am not moving out of my house in Montgomery.” I don’t want to leave my mother or our home since 1978. He never stopped trying to get me to leave there. What did he know? What was the big deal about getting us out of our house and leaving?

I told him I was not going to fall for any more of his ‘Happy Water’ fantasies.

   Although I never saw Keith again I did connect with him years later in 2018. My mom and I were in LA and she was getting treatment for her cirrhosis and liver cancer. He had heard about my mother’s illness and messaged me on Twitter. He told me if I got a PO box or something he would send me some money to help us. He acted like he suddenly had enough to spare. Later I would find out it was a lie. He didn’t have any money. He said he had some business venture that was about to ‘pay off’ and when it did he was going to make good in his promise to help. He also tried to talk me into taking my mother to Tennessee to get her some holistic cancer therapy. I explained to him she needed to have immediate real medical intervention. I told him I was not going to fall for any more of his ‘Happy Water’ fantasies.    

   Then Keith told me he wanted to come out to California to try and help us. I actually considered it but turned him down because I didn’t trust him and I didn’t believe he had any way to help me. I knew my mother had no desire to see Keith anymore. She was already going through enough and I didn’t want her to have to deal with Keith in her life again, someone she did not like or trust. It was certainly not the right time to bring him back around her. Then he said something odd again like the Keith I remember from years earlier. He said he was not going to help me because he was afraid I was going to “Take up arms against his family.”

   I didn’t hear from him again for a while but then I got another random message from him. He texted “There are ways you could come back to Alabama without anyone knowing you were there.” He was alluding to the idea that I could come back as someone else. I could get a fake ID or change my name in order to avoid anyone I had known from years earlier. I said “When I do come back, I would come back as Fredrika Morrissette Miller. I am not going to change my name or hide any longer.” I would get the people that tried to steer me in the wrong direction, take my property and separate me from my mom. He never explained his statement and I believe that was the last time I ever heard from him.

He then blocked my friend on twitter and has refused to contact me again.

   My mother died shortly thereafter and I did come back to Alabama. I was with a man who is helping me to get back at these people. He tried to set up a meeting with Keith but Keith didn’t trust us. He acted like he wanted to but then decided not to. He told my friend to ‘read his words’ and that if he did he could tell that he was ‘telling the truth’ and that he ‘never wanted to hurt me.’ He was saying in so many words that I was lying and making things up about him and that he was not capable of the thing I was saying about him. He then blocked my friend on twitter and has refused to contact me again. I can still see his account https://twitter.com/@aeoliah31 but he has refused to speak to me again. I can see his account but he has not posted in quite a while. I haven’t seen a post of his since November 11th 2019.

I’m still looking for answers.

   He told me the last time we talked that he was living on a houseboat in Decatur, Alabama. This was another of Will’s dream scenarios. If anyone knows where he is or has any information about him, please do not hesitate to let me know. You can remain anonymous, just like Keith is now.

One response to “If you don’t hand over the house, things are going to get worse.”

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