We Tore Down The Wrong House

3156 Cloverdale Rd Montgomery, Alabama

   After my Mom and I were illegally forced by the Montgomery Police Department to flee our own [paid for] home, we escaped to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We went to our Beachcomber Condominiums condo at 106 East 4th Street Gulf Shores, Alabama. We thought we could retain an attorney and fight back from there. We thought wrong. As soon as we got to Gulf Shores, the same ‘gang stalkers’ were waiting for us down there. I should have expected stalking. When we were in Gulf Shores back in the spring of 2014, Will von Gal showed up under our condo in the parking area and said, “Howdy Ma’am” to my Mom.  He was under a 2003 Protection from Abuse Order and he was on Beachcomber Condominium Property. He had no reason to be there 220 miles from his home in Autaugaville, Alabama.

What kind of sick, demented motherfuckers would continue to stalk two defenseless women?

   At first we didn’t realize we were being ‘gang stalked.’ I had never even heard of those words until later in life. Their group was almost unknown to us at this time. We were fighting an unseen enemy and it was an insidious action. Considering now we were both physically injured, my Mom was 71 years old and I am disabled. What kind of sick, demented motherfuckers would continue to stalk two defenseless women? Soon I would have more faces and names to associate with the gang stalkers.

   A man and his wife who claimed to live in Beachcomber 108 quickly became friendly with my Mom and I, almost too quickly. Their names were Cecil Wiley Booth and his wife Josephine. When he introduced himself the first time he whipped out his driver’s license to show me who he was. Who does that unless they are trying to make you believe something that wasn’t true? One time CW and Josephine came to our condo and sat down. They were looking all around suspiciously and then CW said: “You’ll be lucky to get $30,000.00 for it and we should just do a quit claim deed and sign it over to him.”

I told him that my grandmother’s life savings had been stolen from Regions Bank in Selma, Alabama.

   At the time I didn’t realize there was something wrong as we were still so traumatized from what happened to us in Montgomery. We didn’t see it coming once again.  One night CW Booth began asking me about guns. I wondered why he was talking about guns, but I figured it was just general questions. He began by telling me the State of Alabama would “protect me.” He also asked about Will von Gal’s finances and where he got his money. He kept on asking where Will’s guns and drugs were. I didn’t respond. He asked me if I knew anything about a theft of money out of a safe deposit box from Regions Bank. I told him that my grandmother’s life savings had been stolen from Regions Bank in Selma, Alabama. I showed him the forged documents.

   He then asked questions about my rape by Montgomery Alabama Police Department Officer Mike McCord. I didn’t trust this CW fellow. I didn’t know if he was working for Will von Gal. If he was, he would tell Will everything I said and then Will would come after me. CW asked me if there were any women that Will von Gal was involved with that would want to do harm me. He then asked “Who in Kentucky and Georgia would want to harm you?” One time my phone rang and it was CW’s number. When I answered, and before CW spoke, I could hear Will von Gal in the background talking about having a bar-b-que with Kimie. He was talking about Kimie Copeland Ballard from Ruston, Louisiana.

He told me he “Had my Six.” It was another one of his lies.

   After realizing I had no answers for him, he told me, “You didn’t know anything. We tore down the wrong house. He was referring to our 3156 Cloverdale road home. Let’s go up there and see how much it will cost to fix it.”  I didn’t feel comfortable traveling 200 miles north with a man who had just admitted he tore down my home. He promised me that no one else would lay a hand on my house. As you can see from the photo of my home, it was a promise he didn’t keep. He spoke about Winder, Georgia and Warner-Robins AFB, Towanda, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He asked me once if I would do anything to harm the United States of America. I said: “Of course not.” He told me he “Had my Six.” It was another one of his lies. He held up his cellphone in front of my Mom’s face and said: “I can track your daughter anywhere in the world, Mrs. Miller.”

   CW was pivotal in the rip-off scheme on Beachcomber Condos with Mayor Craft, Nancy Wood, Coastline Management, Roger Booth Metal Roofing out of Robertsdale Alabama and Gates Construction. He was involved in the scam with the Vitrano Brothers from Ohio. The Vitrano Brothers were skimming money off the work done at Beachcomber. CW Booth told me the Beachcomber Association was going to burn down Beachcomber so Whitehaven Insurance/Arthur J. Gallagher would pay out. Pretty soon, Mayor Craft with a Gulf Shores building inspector Brandon Franklin condemned Beachcomber. That action put my Mom and I homeless in the streets right before Christmas 2014. There were plenty of other condominiums that needed to be condemned but Mayor Craft was somehow fixated on Beachcomber.

When the agent heard Will von Gal’s name he hung up in her face.

I called the FBI field office in Montgomery, Alabama and reported that the GSPD forced us into the streets. Vanessa, an agent at the FBI told me, “They can’t do that.” I told her they ‘were’ doing it, just like they did in Montgomery. My Mom called Special Agent Jeremy Wright in Montgomery just before Christmas 2014 and told him what they had done. He told my Mom: “I can only listen to you Mrs. Miller, I can’t help you.” My Mom also called the FBI in Mobile, Alabama to report the stalking in 2015. When the agent heard Will von Gal’s name he hung up in her face. I called them back and cussed the agent out for hanging up on my Mom.

The agents on the phone told me to, “bring up here (Montgomery,) down there, (Gulf Shores.)” Instead of helping me, the FBI used my Mom and I as bait for these criminals.

The next time I called the FBI field office in Montgomery, Alabama was the summer of 2015. I asked for Special Agent Jeremy Wright. I told the agents that my Mom and I were parked in the parking lot of the Gulf Shores Post Office and we had nowhere to go. The real estate scams had put us homeless on the streets and we were being attacked. The agents on the phone told me to, “bring up here (Montgomery,) down there, (Gulf Shores.)” Instead of helping me, the FBI used my Mom and I as bait for these criminals.

   At the Alabama State Park in Orange Beach, Alabama, CW asked more questions about Will von Gal while he recorded me without my knowledge or consent. I have no idea what he did with these recordings. I was careful what I said around him now as I didn’t trust him. His covert efforts were in vain. I literally gave him no viable information of any kind.

   CW’s wife Josephine Booth sent me some nasty emails. She was having an affair with Sam Vitrano who was stealing money from Beachcomber Association. She falsely accused my Mom of having dementia and threatened to have my Mom and I locked up in a mental institution or jail. I took these threatening emails to the Gulf Shores Police Department but they did nothing. Towards the end of my contact with CW, he once said to me: “We heard you knew about Costa Rica.” He also told me that if I ever went back to Montgomery, I would be raped again.

His nickname as a child was “Bubba.”

When he learned my Mom and I had been poisoned while they were “Tearing down the wrong house.” CW Booth responded, “I don’t know what chemicals those boys used.” I have not seen or heard from CW for years. I know he is from Northport, Alabama. His nickname as a child was “Bubba.” He had a swimming pool company in the past. He told me he was, “in the pipeline.” He had a horse farm at one time. He was known to have lived in Centreville, Foley and Magnolia Springs, Alabama. He also lived in Milton/Pace, Florida. One of his sons, Scotty Booth, lives in Acworth, Georgia and owns a landscaping company. Another of his sons, Skipper Booth lives in Northport, Alabama. CW’s first ex-wife Bevaline C. Booth lives in Northport, Alabama. Josephine Booth is in Baldwin County. His daughter, Ginger, is a pharmacist in Alabama.

Nancy Wood Coastline Mgmt.

Mike and Diann were the owners of Coastline Management with Nancy Wood when Mayor Robert Craft shut down the Beachcomber building X-mas 2014 putting my mother and I out in the street. All the owners of the other units were groomed to be against us so there would be no one on our side to help us or fight against the corporate racketeering scams going on all around us. Attorney Daniel Craven, friend and mentor to Mike Boan sold our condo in a theft-by-deception scheme while my mother and I were in California getting life saving medical care. Mike Boan, an ex-state trooper, was always safe from prosecution under ALEA’s broad spread wings. Let’s see if he can face off and win the battle after Shaul Zislin finds out he and the mayor have been informing on him for Human Trafficking and other crimes.

Mike V Boan’s house, Magnolia Springs, Alabama.
Mayor Robert Craft, in bed with the corrupted people and businesses in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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