“Trust But Verify” 💐💐💐 Why is the Japanese Mafia at UCLA???

Myrtle Ozell Chandler Miller, Happy Mother’s Day Mama! I love you for Eternity! 🍬💐🪶🦄❤️🌟🌞

In April 2018 my Mom was diagnosed with non-alcoholic cirrhosis and a 7cm tumor in her liver from chemical saturation exposure at our home in Montgomery, Alabama. We were at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. I immediately made oncology appointments with UCLA Ronald Reagan in Los Angeles. Our first appointment was with Dr. Francisco Durazo in Westwood. After he examined my Mom he said he was going to get her on the liver transplant list. It was the only way to save her life. I was happy that she was going to get a second chance. We drove back to Las Vegas where we had taken refuge, after being forced out of our homes in Alabama by corrupt law enforcement and criminals.

“I told the SNHD that I read that TB meds were dangerous to take if you have liver problems, and they were killing her.”

  A week or so after the appointment with Dr. Durazo we got a knock on the door. It was the Southern Nevada Health District saying my Mom had tuberculosis and she had to immediately go to their public health office or we would be arrested. I believed them. I took my Mom straight to the TB Clinic at SNHD. As soon as we got there they started forcing my mom to take TB medications. I didn’t know what to do, I believed she had it. They also forced both of us to undergo blood tests to check us for other diseases and verify the TB. Neither one of us ever tested positive. I found out later they had not given me or my Mom the Quantiferon Gold test for TB before they forced her to take their medication. I heard later that once you take one round of TB meds you must finish at least a 6 month regimen by law.

“I knew time was precious and I thought, “Fuck Them.” I told my Mom we had to escape.”

   For the next 3 days I had to drive an hour one way to take my Mom to get the TB medications. The trip was very hard on her as she had a 7cm tumor on her liver. I could also see that the TB medications were making her even sicker. I demanded her hospital records from UMC and from SNHD, I got them. On the third day of treatment my Mom was getting dizzy and very ill and I knew it was the TB meds. I told the SNHD that I read that TB meds were dangerous to take if you have liver problems, and they were killing her. They did not listen and would not let up. They even told me I had to stay in Nevada until the TB meds were finished. I told them I could not stay in Nevada because my Mom was going to get a liver transplant at UCLA. SNHD threatened me with jail if I took her across state lines. I knew time was precious and I thought, “Fuck Them.” I told my Mom we had to escape Nevada to get real medical treatment and Mama agreed. We packed our SUV again and headed to Los Angeles.

“She said the reason why the liver transplant people did not put us on the list was because they were likely afraid that the Japanese Mafia operating in LA would get a hold of me.”

    On the way out of Nevada I was worried I’d be arrested. My cellphone was ringing from SNHD and they were leaving me messages wanting to know where we were. They said I had better not be leaving the state. Right after that first call I crossed into the State of California. I went to Santa Clarita to a UCLA Health doctor who told me to take her to UCLA Ronald Reagan to have Mama admitted. We drove there and my Mom was admitted. I told infectious disease that SNHD diagnosed my Mom with TB. They immediately put her in isolation. I went in with her with no mask on.  By this time I started doubting the TB diagnosis and I told them that.

   They took blood sample after blood sample to test by ‘Quantiferon Gold’ and sputum tests and not one time did any of her tests come back TB positive. UCLA still forced my Mom to take the same medications because of the original SNHD test that was misdiagnosed. She was throwing up and her liver was being affected with ascites buildup in her abdomen. I still refused to wear a mask as I knew we didn’t have TB. The hospital asked if we were still living in Las Vegas, I told them no. I told them my Mom and I were run out of Alabama by criminals protected by corrupt law enforcement backed by my ex, William Bellingrath Von Gal. I told them we were homeless. That was the wrong answer. As soon as I told them we were homeless the friendly, helpful attitude at UCLA stopped. Even though we had insurance they still treated us poorly. We had cancer insurance for many decades but due to the mail problems with being thrown out of our homes by criminals we never got the renewal notices and her insurance cancelled leaving her with only basic insurance coverage.

“They began focusing on my mother’s finances and asking about her social security checks.”

   Social services began showing up at the hospital and they were trying to separate us. They began focusing on my mother’s finances and asking about her social security checks. They threatened to take my mom away from me and put her into a respite care facility for TB patients. Then they said I would not be able to see her until she was done with her TB treatments, 6 months away. I told them no way are they going to separate us. I said my mom has cirrhosis and a cancerous tumor on her liver and was beginning treatment at UCLA. Dr. Durazo was putting her on the transplant list. I told them she does not have TB. I said I have been with her this whole time, for years, and I do not have it either. I even said the person we were living with in Nevada didn’t have it. They did not care or listen.

“The place was managed by some non-medically trained security guy who gave my mother an accidental second dose of her TB meds.”

   I started to explain our situation, why we were in California. I told them about my ex’s constant death threats and how he and his ‘people’ ran us out of our homes in Alabama. They listened to my explanation and wrote everything down as if they were going to be understanding and help us. Instead they never bothered to call law enforcement or offer any legal protection of any kind. Shortly after they told us they were going to send us to Palmdale to a homeless shelter facility where we could be together. It was well over an hour away and we would not be able to leave even for medical appointments. When we arrived at the Palmdale place they immediately lock you and your vehicle inside and take all your medicines away from you. The place was managed by some non-medically trained security guy who gave my mother an accidental second dose of her TB meds. He was not qualified to be administering medicines.

I said “The hell it will be, I am taking my mom out of here now.”

   The room we had was hot and the people there were not the kind of people I wanted my mom to be around, especially in her condition. The guy that ran the place started asking about her social security check right away just like social services did back in LA. It wasn’t long before my mother started throwing up badly. I told them I needed to get her to a hospital immediately and they said I was not allowed to leave. I then said for them to call an ambulance but they refused. They said even if she does go to a hospital it won’t be UCLA, it would be a local one in Palmdale. I said “The hell it will be, I am taking my mom out of here now.” I demanded her medicines back. They seemed shocked and scared of me so they complied and didn’t stop us from leaving.

   When we finally got back to LA in the dead of night they admitted her into UCLA because they could see how sick she was. We had only left a couple hours earlier against our will. I started pushing for her cancer treatments but instead of helping her, the hospital started pushing back and refused to treat her cancer in-patient. I begged them to back off with the TB meds but the LA County Public Health officials forced them on her. The on call infectious disease doctor did see how badly she was throwing up and managed to get her off a couple of the pills for a short time but the county was relentless.

“He said if we had waited any longer, he would have been unable to treat her.”

   After she had stabilized I began calling Dr. Durazo’s office and told them she needed treatment but the hospital wouldn’t allow it. I said I could see his office from our window but they would not allow treatment. Finally Dr. Durazo sent Dr. Plotnik from interventional radiology to work with my mother. He showed up and told the hospital he would be treating her in-patient with chemotherapy and the hospitalists on duty got mad and left defeated. He told them she needed to be treated immediately. He scheduled her right away. The chemotherapy was successful and he got rid of the tumor. He said if we had waited any longer, he would have been unable to treat her. She was only diagnosed three months earlier so it was just in time.

   Right after her treatments I noticed she had a fungal infection in her mouth. I had to show the doctors what it was. I told them that she needed a pulmonologist to investigate why she had severe breathing problems and fungus in her mouth. They again refused to listen to me and told her that the TB meds would stop it and released her from the hospital with a short prescription of Diflucan to shut me up. We left the hospital and drove to a family friend’s house way up in Camarillo. She was the sister of an old friend of ours and was a nurse of some kind so I thought it would be good for us to be there. As it turns out she was not helpful at all.

   Now we were living in Ventura County. They labeled us homeless in LA and continued forcing the TB meds on her. Ventura was stricter with her than LA was. Not only did they show up daily at the house we were staying in, but they would sit there and watch my mom take these TB meds she did not need. I told them constantly that she needs her cancer treatments. They said they didn’t even know she had cancer that they were just there to make sure she takes the TB meds. This was all because of a misdiagnosis in Nevada who told LA County and UCLA about it but they never verified it.

   While in Camarillo my mom still had appointments to go to in LA. We would call Ventura County Public Health and let them know in advance that we had to be in LA for an appointment.  We would ask if we can move up the appointment or if they could leave the next day’s meds when they were there the day before. But they would decline. They refused to work with us. When we did go to the appointment they would add on weeks of TB meds to the end of the cycle. Her TB treatments were supposed to end in December of 2018 but they added on so many weeks of medicine that it seemed like she was never going to get off of it.

“Why are you trying to continue giving her this medication when you do not have a positive blood test?”

   When we met with Dr. Uldine Castel who was in charge of the Ventura County Public Health office she was extremely rude and patronizing. I asked her point blank “Why are you trying to continue giving her this medication when you do not have a positive blood test?” Then I asked her if they have given her the Quantiferon Gold test and she said no but I can give you one. I said “No you aren’t touching me, I don’t trust anything you people say or do.”

   We had an RN friend there with us and she interjected and she said “I am a nurse, I know she doesn’t have TB. You people haven’t done the proper testing and you are ignoring the negative results.” Ms. Castel then got angry with our nurse friend and basically said “How dare you question the diagnosis of a doctor. You are a nurse and you should know better. You could lose your nurses license.” Our friend took it as a threat and could not argue with the lady again. I told Ms. Castel I was trying to get my mother a liver transplant and that she was cancer free. Ms. Castel turned to my mother and starting talking all nice and acting like she was on her side. She was saying things like “We will hold your hand the entire way while you are getting your procedures.” Her tone and demeanor had changed but neither of us were buying it.

        A few weeks after we arrived in Camarillo my mom started having breathing problems so I took her back to UCLA. They readmitted her and told me she was in respiratory failure. They did not however start treating her symptoms for cirrhosis or the respiratory failure. They put us in TB lockdown instead in a negative pressure room for a week. After more than a week in UCLA they finally decided to do an endoscopy to find out what was going on with her. I had been begging them for months to do an endoscopy but they refused. She had no positive tests for TB of any kind in LA and they were only going by the unqualified results from UMC in Nevada and their diagnosis sent to the SNHD. In fact UMC in Nevada only said they thought it was an old non contagious, non-active TB they found. Soon UCLA will verify my beliefs all along.

“The hospital could not [or would not] go against the county even though the county was in the wrong.”

   After doing the endoscopy in LA they diagnosed only Histoplasmosis and Blastomycosis, fungal infections common in the areas of the south were we have lived most of our lives. They never found any TB in her lungs. The fungi are very commonly misdiagnosed as TB and are treatable. The fact that UCLA went on the word of one quick diagnosis from Nevada and never confirmed the findings is absolutely criminal. When they did finally diagnose her fungal infections that I fought them to look for they started aggressively treating them, but the TB meds never stopped. The hospital could not [or would not] go against the county even though the county was in the wrong.

   This was when UCLA Ronald Reagan told us we could not come back there until my mother finished her TB medications. So we went back to Camarillo where Ventura County kept shoving the TB meds down her throat. Within a few weeks the Noxafil that UCLA had prescribed for her fungal infections started showing signs that it was working. Even though it was thousands of dollars every month out of pocket it was worth it to see my mom up and moving around. She was looking better and I could tell she had more energy, but it didn’t last. The TB meds she was still taking started making her sick again. Her stomach was swelling with ascites and she was having a hard time. She could not go to the bathroom and was in a lot of severe pain.

   The TB people of Ventura came to the house that day banging on the door and calling us on my phone. When I finally answered the door I told them my mom was very sick and could not take the TB meds that day. I told them she is going to the hospital and she was not going to take their pills. Her stomach could not tolerate them much less her liver. They told me they would arrest me if I didn’t comply, we left for the hospital anyway. They would park down the road where they could watch us come home or leave. We were being stalked and surveilled by Ventura County. Did I mention my mom did not have TB?

I told him “Trust but verify.”

   Since Ronald Reagan refused to treat her as we were banned there, we went to UCLA Santa Monica. In the emergency room they decided to admit her and drain the fluids off of her stomach. Then of course, they put her right back into TB lockdown again, for another week. They started shoving more TB meds down her throat. Now I had to get into it with Dr. Paul Allyn of Infectious Disease. I told him she cannot tolerate the TB meds and he insisted that LA County refused to let her stop. I told him again there were no positive TB tests and reminded him she had a fungal infection which he knew about. I told him “Trust but verify.” He was acting angry with me and with the county. He knew I was right but could not do anything about it because the hospital would back the county over the doctor of course. He was stuck like my mom and I were, at the mercy of LA County.

   A few days after she was released we had an appointment with Dr. Plotnik for follow up radiation treatment. While we were waiting on the scan we were talking to one of the nurses there and she told us about her uncle who was in the exact same room and same situation and LA County was trying to force him to take the TB meds. She said it took his whole family to show up and tell them no and for them to find out what was really wrong with him. They eventually diagnosed Histoplasmosis and he was well in three months. He never had TB either. She said you would be amazed as to how many times this happens here.

“He told me she was a candidate for transplant but she was too old to get one.”

   After Dr. Plotnik scanned my mom he said her cancer was gone so they didn’t need to do the treatment. He mentioned liver transplant but didn’t explain what he meant by it. He kind of said it under his breath. On the way back to Camarillo I was happy her cancer was gone. I made an appointment with Dr. Yanny with liver transplant. He told me she was a candidate for transplant but she was too old to get one. She was only 75. He said it right in front of her. I asked him to please set something up anyway. I wanted to give her half of my liver. He said he would have someone call us to set up our screening/workup to determine compatibility etc. No one ever called us. I tried calling them multiple times but they never returned my calls.

   Our next appointment was with Dr. Richard Finn MD. He was a professor of Hematology and Oncology with UCLA Health. We went to him blindly not knowing what his role was going to be, I would eventually start referring to him as Dr. Nexavar. He ended up taking a bunch of blood and asking her questions. He did however tell my mom that she was too old to get a liver transplant. He didn’t do much but chit chat and make small talk. He also asked who this Dr. Castel was that was constantly hounding him at his office. I told him she was head of the Ventura County Public Health dept. He said she’s crazy. He didn’t like the way she was handling things with him at all. She was harassing all of my mom’s doctors.

   Every doctor we went to, no matter what their specialty, would start off the conversation discussing TB. It was getting annoying to have to explain that she did not have TB and that we weren’t there to talk about TB. We were there to get whatever treatment she was there to get. After all she had already been on TB meds since June the year before and it was supposed to end in December. There was no reason for her to be on it or discussing it with all these doctors that had nothing to do with it. The county was causing so much trouble and not allowing my mom to get treated for her real issues. They still would not let up. It was like it was their mission in the world to take over people’s lives and ruin them. I thought about how many others were going through the same militant control by Dr. Barbara Ferrer of LA County and Dr. Castel in Ventura and their TB forces.

“He was in bed with the Nexavar people [Bayer] and had to show that he was prescribing it so he could look good to his Bayer peers.”

   Since no one was really paying attention to my mom’s true medical issues and transplant coordination, her cancer had come back. This time it had spread to both lobes of her liver. We were at Dr. Plotnik’s office looking at her x-ray and he said not to worry, he was going to get right on this. He didn’t waste any time and put her right on Y90 radio embolization treatments. Dr. Finn, her oncologist, said he wanted Dr. Plotnik to stop all of her treatments, the chemo and the Y90. He said he would tell him so at their next ‘tumor conference.’ I did not realize then why Dr. Finn would want them to stop her treatments by Dr. Plotnik. I did eventually find out that Dr. Finn wanted to treat her with his Nexavar. He was in bed with the Nexavar people [Bayer] and had to show that he was prescribing it so he could look good to his Bayer peers.

   Dr. Plotnik got rid of all the cancer in the one lobe and needed to give her a rest before finishing the other lobe. We were getting ready to take her to her next Y90 treatment when I received a phone call from the hospital telling us we had to bring $64,000.00 or she could not continue treatment. She had insurance so this call really set me off. I called Dr. Plotnik immediately. I was crying when I told him about the call. He asked if I knew who it was that called me and I told him it was just someone from the hospital. He told me not to worry about them and to bring her anyway. When we got to UCLA Santa Monica Dr. Plotnik did the usual blood work ups and found her Bilirubin was too high and that if he did the procedure her liver could shut down and kill her. Then he said “It’s the TB meds.” Those meds she had to take every day were the culprit and they were instrumental in destroying my mother’s liver unnecessarily. They continue to push them on her like drug dealers.

   I called Ventura County again and told them to stop her TB treatments. I told them it was stopping her cancer treatments and negatively affecting her liver. They refused to even give her a break long enough to have her regular medicines and procedures. She had already been on these meds for several months and they just kept tacking on more. When she had to miss a couple days for hospital visits or other reasons, they would just add on weeks to the end of her regimen arbitrarily. It made no sense and Dr. Castel was at the center of it all.

“They treated us like criminals and even told me once that they would put me on a no fly list.”

   Dr. Adamson with infectious disease tried to take over the TB medicine delivery from Ventura and LA Counties so we could be free to go to her appointments but the county refused and said they would have to be there to witness her taking them and they were not willing to do that. The county had a hold of her and refused to let go. They treated us like criminals and even told me once that they would put me on a no fly list. I didn’t even have TB either. They were just being unimaginably cruel and deliberately eroding any chance we had of just getting my mom to her appointments and on to a liver transplant list.

   Now Dr. Yanny said she did not qualify for a transplant because her cancer had returned. If my mom stopped taking the TB meds then the hospital would not treat her. If she kept taking them then her cancer would get worse and her bilirubin would be too high. It was a no win situation. We kept going to Dr. Yanny’s office just to hear him say she can’t have a transplant. He never did anything for her that helped her.

   Now we started with Dr. Finn again. He told us he was “Not ready to let go of her hand just yet.” We didn’t know what he meant by that but we assumed because he was starting her on Nexavar that he was going to help her. She started taking the Nexavar religiously just like Dr. Finn recommended. He never explained to us what the Nexavar medicine was all about. He never told us about its 12% efficacy rate. He didn’t ever explain it was an experimental drug. He did not mention that it was the ‘Last line of defense.’ He never said anything like this or we would of sought treatment elsewhere. He said there was nothing else that could be done. I found out later there was many other things he could have done but he only gave her a Nexavar option.

He also said to me “When you’ve got Elton John, what do you have to worry about?”

   Dr. Finn said “Don’t you know Elton John?” Then he started making ‘million dollar jokes’ referencing the Million Dollar Piano show in Las Vegas. I had lived in Las Vegas with someone who worked on his show and that is where my mom was misdiagnosed with TB. Dr. Finn made those kind of jokes from then forward but never explained what they meant. It was like his way of saying wink-wink. He also said to me when you’ve got Elton John, what do you have to worry about?

   While mama was taking the Nexavar treatments the infectious disease department was still trying to force the last 13 doses of their meds down her. She had been on it for nearly a year for what should have ended at 6 months or less. I even remember Dr. Adamson charting where she would be in her infection if she actually had it. He explained that she would be at less than 0.01 % at this stage. He said that the last 13 treatments were only because “That’s what the county ruled she had to take.” We were well beyond any sense of reality by now. She was never diagnosed with TB from that very first one that was misdiagnosed in Nevada and they added on almost double the dosage just to make Dr. Castel’s office happy and compliant with whatever rule they were following that day. Mama was not going to take those last 13 doses as they never were needed and her condition was deteriorating so quickly that she would not be able to take it effectively.

Soon my mom’s arms started flapping, a condition known as Hepatic Flapping Tremor. She was also having Hepatic Encephalopathy that was affecting her higher functions in her brain. To see someone you love suddenly lose control of their minds and bodies is a psychological torture I wish upon no one. Her liver was getting worse so I called Dr. Finn’s office crying. He told me to get her to the hospital. They admitted her as a TB patient again and put her back in TB lockdown. Dr. Finn did call and have her put on Rifaximin and recommended continuing the treatments of Lactulose to help get rid of the toxins in her blood. She would be in the hospital for a few weeks before they released her full of tranquilizing medications they had given her while they invasively searched for any TB in her body. They never did find any still.

   She was barely out of the hospital for several hours that I realized she had to go back. I couldn’t get her up the stairs where we were staying and she still needed medical attention. So I called an ambulance and had her brought back to UCLA Santa Monica. After being admitted again Dr. Plotnik’s assistant came to my mother’s hospital room to drain off the fluid in her abdomen. I told her I wanted to get my mom a transplant and give her half of my liver. I explained how I was trying to get this done for over a year but no one would help me do it.  That’s when she brought up something I had never heard of.

“Now my mom was their collateral damage.”

   She said the reason why the liver transplant people did not put us on the list was because they were likely afraid that the Japanese Mafia operating in LA would get a hold of me. She said they were probably protecting me from them because it was not unusual for that to happen there. Once you get on a donor list the group she spoke of would have me killed and harvest all of my organs. The only way to avoid this was to donate my liver only to my mom so no one else could get it in the event of my death. She gave me an example of a lady who donated her heart to her daughter then killed herself by running her car into a tree. Her heart [was] then donated to her daughter who was still alive at the time she told me this story. Why didn’t someone tell me about this a year ago? Why is UCLA not reporting this to the proper authorities? Now my mom was their collateral damage.

Within a week’s time her abdomen had filled up with fluid. Dr. Plotnik’s nurse showed up again to drain it off slowly, but this time they drained it dry which we found out later was too much of a shock to her system. Late one night Dr. Finn showed up finally to see her. He spoke to her but she did not recognize him anymore. He said are you going to put her in a rehab? I said no I am taking her home. He said you can’t do that. I said yes I can. I told him not only am I taking her home but I am bringing her to UCLA Ronald Reagan transplant unit. (I had to beg Dr. Yanny to let me take her there, she needed a chance. He finally agreed.) Dr. Finn told me that it was unethical and he wasn’t going to allow it to happen. I said it is my liver and I will do what I want with it. Dr. Finn then stormed out the door and I could see he was weeping about the whole situation.

The next day my mom was transferred to UCLA Ronald Reagan Transplant Unit where I had been asking for her to go for over a year and a half. The doctors determined that the fungal infections were gone. No TB was found in her lungs. Every organ in her body was working properly except her liver. After being at their hospital for several days and seeing all kinds of evaluation teams they finally voted not to allow a transplant. To make matters worse they brought in an aggressive surgeon from the transplant unit named Dr. Fady M. Kaldas who proceeded to describe in great and colorful detail the horrors of liver transplant procedures, which I had already researched and wasn’t afraid of. He even misread my mother’s medical history stating that she had cancer when she was younger and that it would grow back aggressively as soon as they put her on the anti-rejection drugs. He was very animated and off-putting. I will never forget the terrible things he said to me. He reminded me of Jeff Goldblum [look him up] telling me she still had TB as well and there was nothing they could do for her.

“We never should have given her the TB medications but LA County made us do it.”

    While there at UCLA RR we were visited by a Quen Cheng MD, an assistant clinical professor who told us what was really going on with her TB situation. He explained that he had been doing his own investigating and that he believed it was a mycobacterium but not a tuberculosis mycobacterium. He said he was going to keep looking into it and let me know. Paul Allyn MD, also an assistant clinical professor and obviously his superior, while standing over my mother teary-eyed, told Dr. Cheng to immediately leave the room. Dr. Allyn then turned to me and said “We never should have given her the TB medications but LA County made us do it.” But it was too late, the medicines she was being forced to take had already done irreparable damage to her liver. It had caused her bilirubin to skyrocket working against her cancer treatments.

   Shortly thereafter we heard from one of her doctors about an email that was making its rounds written by Dr. Finn the night he left us at UCLA Santa Monica. I have never been able to see the email but many hospitalists at Ronald Reagan confirmed its existence and told us what was in it. Dr. Finn told the hospital NOT to allow the transplant or even the chance of one and that he vehemently opposed it.

   They said he wrote many negative things and reasons why my mother should not be allowed to be considered for a transplant. He deliberately sabotaged any chance of her getting one. He was her oncologist and was intimately involved in the selection process for transplants. It was a sucker move and Dr. Finn had no reason to turn on us like that, especially in my mom’s condition. I even remember a doctor coming to see her and telling her “The only thing that can save you is a liver transplant, and you’re not getting one.” It was like a shotgun to the face.

I remember a doctor there saying “We could do more for her, but why?”

I remember Cedars-Sinai telling me in a Twitter post earlier in the year that if we couldn’t get the help we wanted at UCLA that they would happily consider her and to bring her there. We did of course but they were not much help either. It was too late and we had already invested too much time at UCLA, time we could not take back and Cedars-Sinai could not manifest. Mama went into the ICU a few times while we were there due to excessive bleeding and there was not much they could do for her. I decided to get her out of there and take her home. The hospital said it would take a few days to set up but they were holding back basic hydration. I remember a doctor there saying “We could do more for her, but why?”

It was Christmas Eve and I was stuck. There was nothing more they could do for her.

They had given up but I was not. I found out if I enrolled her in hospice care they would transport her home immediately. So I signed up for it and they took her home ASAP. When we got there mama couldn’t swallow anymore and the hospice nurse could not administer IV’s. I could not let her just die there without any water. I called an ambulance and had her brought to UCLA to try to save her. I knew one of the doctors there and he remembered my mom and he said she’s a fighter and would never want to die. He said “You used hospice care to get her out of there.” I said yes. He tried his best to save her and had her admitted to a room there. It was too late. They could not get the bilirubin and ammonia out of her fast enough to bring her around and could not get any lactulose into her to help. She had also contracted two or more different infections from Dr. Robbins floor at Cedars-Sinai which was not following any infectious disease protocols. It was Christmas Eve and I was stuck. There was nothing more they could do for her. I fought and fought for her but her liver had been so overwhelmed by TB meds that it could not recover. Finally, I agreed to let her go. She was beyond saving and suffering beyond imagination. A nurse at UCLA Santa Monica administered a morphine drip. I lay in bed holding my Mom and telling her stories of our life together, and how I wished I could have saved her. I told her over and over how much I loved her and always would. I told her not to be afraid, and we would never lose our spiritual connection. I swore on her death bed, I would get all the bastards who decided her life was not worth saving. I’m writing this article, and many other things I am doing, to keep that promise. Seven hours later, she died in my arms at 1:32 am PST. Christmas Day 2019.

LA, Ventura and Nevada all worked with misinformation to oversaturate my mother’s liver that was already compromised due to the cirrhosis and cancer she was already dealing with. None of her doctors came to her aid and tried to stop the abhorrent care she was getting in a place you would expect so much better from. UCLA and Cedars-Sinai are well known leaders in the fields of Cancer, liver transplant and even infectious disease. The counties of LA and Ventura overtook and paralyzed the medical community in southern California directly causing the death of my mother on December 25th 2019.

One of the last photos of my Mom and I, on her birthday December 21, 2019. This was 3 days before she died in my arms on Christmas Morning 2019.

“They all systematically worked in concert against my mother’s treatment and they need to be exposed and taken down.”

I am calling on any agency to look into the transplant teams at UCLA and Cedars-Sinai in relation to their involvement with the Japanese Mafia and black market organ trafficking. Doctors like Finn, Busuttil, Castel, Ferrar, Durazo, Yanny, Kaldas and others need to be investigated for their connections with drug companies who have them in their back pockets. And Finally the SNHD in Las Vegas needs to be investigated for misdiagnoses and business practices, as does the LA and Ventura County Public Health. They all systematically worked in concert against my mother’s treatment and they need to be exposed and taken down.

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