“I am going to get the bitch who stalked me.”

***Now Jennifer Reaves has been fired from the Montgomery Police Department and is suing the City of Montgomery in Federal Court Case

2:22-cv-00458 ***

The Original Beginning to my Blog Post:

   The first time I remember seeing Jennifer Reaves, I was sitting on the steps of my attorney’s office in Selma, Alabama. It was spring 2010. William Faile had been retained by my Mom and I to represent my grandmother, Myrtle Irene Chandler’s estate. My Mom’s three sisters had been caught cleaning out and transferring funds across state lines from her savings, checking and safe deposit box accounts. There were hundreds of thousands of dollars in there. On the day they stole her safe deposit money they kidnapped my grandmother from our home in Montgomery and took her across state lines to Georgia, to try to put her in a nursing home. Attorney Faile, former District Attorney of Dallas County, was determined to find out where the missing funds had gone. He was trying to push for the prosecution of Geraldine Bice, Shelby Talley, Linda Rush and their accomplices. I even called Gov Bob Riley and the MPD and reported my grandmother had been kidnapped and taken across state lines. She didn’t have her medicine, clothes or even her dog Tippy who was staying with me. My grandmother didn’t even know she was being kidnapped. They lied and cheated her out of everything. The state, city and county still did nothing.

“Why look at her,

she wouldn’t do a thing to hurt anyone!”

   I had also just been jailed and charged by the Montgomery Police Department for 3rd degree domestic violence for scratching an alcoholic Canadian named Joshua Guy Gogan who attacked me. At Mr. Faile’s office, Jennifer Reeves approached me, wearing a shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. Reaves had to get into my business. She looked at me sitting on the top of steps and declared, “Why look at her, she wouldn’t do a thing to hurt anyone!” I wondered what the fuck she was talking about and who this woman was?

MPD Officer Jennifer Reaves aka Lisa Webster aka Lisa Wilson

My Mom was standing at the bottom of the stairs. Jennifer Reaves then introduced herself as “Lisa Wilson.” She said she was married to a man in the National Guard and she had a son named “Josh.” She said, “People who get taken to Bryce Mental Institution in Tuscaloosa Alabama, get beaten and raped and we wouldn’t want to end up there.” I wondered why the fuck she was even there.

   I continued to listen while I waited on William Faile my attorney. A man approached, he was an older man, who looked like he felt sorry for us. He told us our attorney wouldn’t be there. He gave no explanation. As we left to go to our car, Jennifer got into a dark brownish colored Suburban type SUV parked in front of Attorney Micki Beth Stiller’s law office next door. We then drove to District Attorney Michael Jackson’s Office. We sat down and explained that my grandmother had been kidnapped on December 11, 2006 and all of her money at Regions Bank had been taken before her death and misappropriated by my three aunts to use as they wished. I was later told by Keith Wideman that Jere Beasley, former lieutenant governor of Alabama help move and cover-up the thefts.

“Mr. Faile wasn’t ‘thinking right

with his head’ and he would be put into

an assisted living of some kind.”

   We told him, William Faile had been retained to represent us and that he was a no show at his office and we were concerned. Mr. Jackson laughed and said “Mr. Faile wasn’t ‘thinking right with his head’ and he would be put into an assisted living of some kind.” We were shocked. I told Mr. Jackson, “Well he didn’t seem to have dementia when he told me he was going to prosecute my aunts to the fullest extent of the law for larceny, forgery and other crimes.” When I asked Mr. Faile if he could be impartial with the case seeing how some of his attorney friends were in on the cover-up, including Kelly & Kelly Law Firm, he replied, “If they broke the law, they aren’t my friends.”

   I then asked District Attorney Jackson if I could hold up Regions Bank with a pen without getting arrested. Regions Bank was in clear view of his fortified District Attorney’s Office. I showed him the forgery document (See below) that my aunts used to clean out my grandmother’s safe deposit box, right before they kidnapped her in 2006. I also showed him a pen. He gave me a dirty look. I asked him point blank, “You are the District Attorney of Dallas County. You are refusing to prosecute for this forgery that took my grandmothers life savings?” He said “Go there.” Then he pointed over to an office that he said was the Selma, Alabama FBI field Office. He was refusing to help. This wasn’t the last visit to District Attorney Michael Jackson, who offered no help for us. We went by the FBI Selma office and no one was in. My mom left a note for them on the door.

   Now back to Jennifer Reaves of the Montgomery, Alabama Police Department and the stalking that didn’t end in Selma. Was she an undercover officer? A while after the Selma stalking by Jennifer Reaves, I was out in the city park across the street from my home, 3156 Cloverdale Road. I was sitting on the park bench, taking photos of the black undercover ’City of Montgomery’ SUV that was parked on the curb watching our home. I have seen this SUV stalking our home before and I intended to take photos for evidence. (These photos are safe guarded in evidence in another state at this time.) While I was taking photos, a light blue van careened across the road to the left and stopped when it hit the curb. I saw my black German Shepard Boots, run out into our front yard. I heard my Mom scream, “Fredrika, Boots is out!” I left the camera lens cover on the park bench and in a hurried bid to catch Boots, ran with my camera.

   The suspicious thing here is that we had a lock on our gate. Someone had pried the gate open enough for Boots to escape. Boots had never left our property before this incident or afterwards. When I got to the light blue van, the black undercover SUV I had been staking out with the male MPD officer in it, drove off. Boots jumped into the blue van and the woman I identify as MPD Officer Jennifer Reaves was sitting in the driver’s seat with her door open. Boots was on the floorboard at her feet and he wasn’t budging. Boots was a trained K9 and this was highly unusual as he could never be lured away under ANY circumstances. I knew instantly that this woman had some way to control K9’s or she knew Boots and he was comfortable around her. I had no idea she was an undercover MPD officer.

She told me her son “Josh”

had a case pending in

Montgomery City Municipal Court.

   I took control of Boots and put him in the house. The woman in the blue van who pulled over to “Save Boots,” introduced herself, this time, as “Lisa Webster.” She told me her son “Josh” had a case pending in Montgomery City Municipal Court. While she was talking she was wildly flinging and waving papers around in the air as if to distract me and make me think they were official documents. I asked her the name of the judge as I was also involved in a domestic violence case in the same court under Judge Les Hayes. She refused to show me the documents and didn’t remember the name of the Judge. She put the papers down, parked the van and closed the door. She then told me she had two daughters living in Texas and a son named “Josh.”

    She asked me if I knew Lucien Stroenach who lived across the street at 3155 Cloverdale Rd. I told her I knew of him. She told me he took everyone in Montgomery to court and the last time he was in front of a judge in Municipal Court he brought all his psychiatric medications for the judge to see. She said his name should be Lucifer instead of Lucien, and he was causing trouble all over town. I told her Lucien said he was from Maine. She told me that was a lie, he was from Montgomery. We were outside awhile and it began to get dark. A bunch of cars with Montgomery Performing Arts Center tags began parking all over the street in front of my house. They were going to a party at 3150 Cloverdale Rd. a house owned by Granger Carr. I told her they had been throwing objects at our home and causing property damage while they were having parties. As the party goers were walking past Jennifer Reaves told me, “Don’t look at them.” Reaves then began talking about drug cartels.

They were also associated with

white supremacy and the KKK.

   She told me how cartels hid drugs in all the compartments of their cars and transported drugs that way. She gave me the names of three brothers from Greenville, Alabama that were being investigated for drug trafficking. They were also associated with white supremacy and the KKK. (Since this is an ongoing federal investigation the names are not being used here.) I kept talking to her as I was gathering information trying to figure out what was happening in Cloverdale. I had no idea at the time, this was an MPD officer.

   I believed she was who she stated she was. Jennifer Reaves also told me, they used to all snort cocaine with Morris Dees back in the day. She said they went to Will von Gal’s shooting range to shoot guns in Autaugaville, Alabama. I was wondering who she meant by “they?” Why did she mention my ex, Will von Gal who I had a Protection from Abuse Order out on since 2003. He didn’t even have a shooting range when I lived there.

Why was he asking

who owned my fucking home?

   While we were talking I went back in my thoughts to a day when James Arndt of The State of Alabama Credit Union, (previously mentioned in my blogs,) told me a tale about a missing gun from a home down the street from me. He told me that a home at 3202 Cloverdale owned by the Webster Family, had a gun stolen. Word on the street was that Lisa Wilson and her son Josh or Lisa’s ex-husband, had taken the weapon. James Arndt proceeded to tell me they had security measures, their guns under lock and key, and with security lights. He also asked me whose name was 3156 Cloverdale Road in? Why was he asking who owned my fucking home? He also told me that the incident where I was beaten up by Joshua Guy Gogan and put into the hospital multiple times, “never happened.” He was referring to the court date I was facing for scratching Josh Gogan on his stomach in self defense after he kicked me and made my tampon come out. The MPD prosecuted me, and let him go. Although he was later found to have marijuana seeds in his rental home and disabled my Mom’s car not allowing me to leave.

   Back to Jennifer Reaves… it began to get dark and we parted ways. The next time I saw her it would be in Montgomery, Alabama Municipal Court under Judge Les Hayes in my own domestic violence case. I realized then she had been an undercover agent for the case of Joshua Guy Gogan. I was shocked the day of court to see her sitting two rows back from Josh and she smiled at me. WTF was this stalker doing here on my court case day? I was not allowed an attorney and the City of Montgomery refused to appoint a public defender for me. I had to defend myself.

Judge Les Hayes was astounded

when he found out Josh had

put me in the hospital at least 2 times.

   Josh Gogan had at least 5 civil rights attorneys. Bobby Segall, Micki Beth Stiller, Winn Faulk, Bobby Lee Cook, former Baldwin County district attorney Judy Newcomb and others. Judge Les Hayes was astounded when he found out Josh had put me in the hospital at least 2 times. I told him the first time was when he picked me up over his head and threw me down hard into a mud puddle in my own yard. It ripped my shirt and hurt my arm badly. The second time he threw me off the hood of his moving car by hitting the curb which made me fly off onto the ground. It messed up my shoulder and left arm making me have to lie in bed for days. It still hurts to this day.

   The third time he called me over to where he was staying at 3303 Cloverdale Rd. It was owned by Eddie Lankford of Lankford Investigations. It was just up the street from my house. When I got there he immediately started beating me with a 2×4 on my head, arms and up into my crotch. This time I had to go to the hospital.

They said:

“We’re not here for that.”

They told me to leave and

I couldn’t get my stuff.

   The police were called by the hospital to come take my statement. When they got there, one of the officers recognized me from when he was called out for another incident when Josh was refusing to give me my stuff back. He had some of my belongings and my laptop at his house and wouldn’t let me have it. I tried to get them to listen to me. I told them about the weed he had there, I even picked it up and showed it to them. They said: “We’re not here for that.” They told me to leave and I couldn’t get my stuff.

   So the officer that showed up to Baptist South to talk to me had a look on him like he messed up not helping me with Josh the last time. He promised me this time he was going to arrest him. The officers left and Josh was never arrested. There were many other incidences with Josh attacking me and hurting me but I didn’t go over them all with Judge Hayes. I only wanted him to realize what had been going on and why I was in court at all.

   I had been arrested by the city for scratching Josh. All those things he did to me and I get arrested for scratching. I had a cross complaint against Josh because I didn’t do anything wrong and felt I was being set up. The judge jumped up out of his chair and exclaimed “Good god!” and went back behind the wall for a few minutes and found out somehow, I was telling the truth. When he came back into the courtroom he instructed me and Josh to come back to his chambers alone. He would not allow my mother back there even when she insisted. Judge Hayes knew that I had a disability so it made it easy for him to take advantage of me, alone, without an advocate.

He told Josh and I that

one of us is going to jail for 6 months

but refused to tell us which one.

   He told Josh and I that one of us is going to jail for 6 months but refused to tell us which one. He was staring right at me but Josh started bawling. He was playing some kind of game with us playing us against each other for no reason. Josh had hurt me many times and I have thousands of dollars in doctor bills to prove it.

The judge wanted us out of his courtroom so he made it so we would have to drop the charges or face jail time. He was looking straight at me after all, so I agreed to drop the case and leave. Then the Judge looked at us with a satisfied grin and said “This never happened.” We left the judge’s chambers and I found my mother. I didn’t look around to see if Jennifer Reaves/Lisa Webster/Lisa Wilson was still in the courtroom. Whoever she was she must have done her job and left. My mother and I walked out of the courtroom and I had just avoided a 6 month sentence in jail I did not deserve. I never went around Josh again after that. He did however show up in a Rite Aid once and tried to get me to start hanging out with him again. I didn’t say I would and left and went home. I never saw him or Jennifer Reaves, the stalker again. *** correction, I would see Jennifer Reaves again at a downtown Montgomery restaurant when she followed me into the bathroom. This stalking incident which occurred about a year later will be told in another blog entry I’m working on now.

The signature on this document highlighted by the purple mark Myrtle Irene Chandler is not my grandmother’s. Shelby, one of my aunts, forged her signature, removed my mother’s name from accessing the account and stole all her money and contents. On 12/11/2006 my grandmother was at our house, we were paying her bills with our own money and the aunts cut off the ability for us to help grandma. The man at the Regions bank in Selma, Alabama, the day my grandmother died, gave me a copy of this document and said “We never should have let this happen.” admitting guilt. Shelby told me once that Tamika at the bank would let her do anything she wants there. This crime has never been investigated and the bank refuses to cooperate or acknowledge it ever happened.
This is one of the accounts of my grandmothers that was stolen by Linda Rush, Geraldine Bice and Shelby Talley, before she had even died. They have never been arrested or prosecuted to this day.

This FBI Mobile, Alabama agent, Greg Holston (Montgomery, Alabama Field Office,) saw the forgery document I handed him at the FBI office, and he did NOTHING.

Attorney Jere Beasley wrote up my Mom’s last Will & Testament in 1981, 3 months after my Dad died. He had my Aunt Linda Rush & My Uncle Jimmy Rush to inherit the right to control her assets until I was age 25. If my Mom & I died they would have inherited everything. I have since changed things in MY Will & no one on either side of my family get a dime when I die.

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