“April 14, 2012 : I was raped and Sodomized by Montgomery, Alabama Police Officer Michael McCord.” (Updated 01/12/2023.)

Why won’t Chief Darryl Albert of the Montgomery Police Department Arrest Officer Michael McCord?

Commander Darryl Albert could not keep up with evidence at the New Orleans Crime Lab. Ask Mayor Latoya Cantrell.
Chief Darryl Albert, formerly of the New Orleans Police Department, Scientific Crime Lab. Albert had to leave New Orleans due to his alleged crimes as Commander of New Orleans PD.

It has been almost 11 years since I was raped by Montgomery Police Department Officer Mike McCord. I have reported this crime to Attorney General Steve Marshall, the entire AG’s office under Luther Strange, Governor Kay Ivey, Governor Robert Bentley, Governor Bob Riley, Mayor Todd Strange, Mayor Steve Reed, Alabama Department of Mental Health (Clarence Pugh,) MPD, MPD internal Affairs – Bill Barousse, ALEA, Daryl Bailey, Ellen Brooks, One Place Justice Center (Marjorie Baker,) The Sunshine Center (Jacqueline,) numerous attorneys in Alabama, Gulf Shores Police Department, The Alabama Bar Association, The Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, The Business Council of Alabama, Alabama Coalition on Domestic Violence (Steve Searcy,) Federal Bureau of Investigation Montgomery Field Office (Chris, Vanessa, Jeremy, Greg, Kelvin King,) ATF, District Attorney Michael Jackson, Baldwin County Sheriffs Office, District Attorney Robert Wilters, Allegra Smith, Leslie Worrell, Judge Charles Price, Judge Les Hayes, Legal Services Alabama, (Jim Smith,) Montgomery County Sheriffs Department, The Southern Poverty Law Center, Catholic Social Services, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and others. None of the entities or people in ALABAMA would help me, even to this day.

“I am part Muscogee (Creek)

Native American Indian.”

I am telling the true story of how I was stalked and raped by MPD Officer Mike McCord ten years ago today. I am disabled by Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Agoraphobia and Depression. I am part Muscogee (Creek) Native American Indian. The State of Alabama, and all law enforcement within the State of Alabama, knew these truths and absolutely discriminated against my elderly widowed Mom and myself. The whole world can hear me, since I am not allowed to have my day in court.

The Rape: A few weeks before I was raped by Officer Mike McCord, my Mom and I were at Home Depot on the Eastern bypass in Montgomery. We were buying an air filter for our heat pump. I went around to see where my Mom was and saw a Montgomery Police Officer in uniform in a check out line. I avoided eye contact and found my Mom. As my Mom was through buying the air filter, she began talking to the male MPD Officer that had approached her. It was the same officer that I saw in line a few minutes earlier. I didn’t see a purchase in his hand. She began telling me, ‘Fredrika this is McCord, the police officer who worked security at Winn-Dixie when I worked there.’ I was standing behind her.

“There is no record of this arrest at ALEA,

but I have the documents

I will be sharing at a later time.”

I realized at some point later he was also the MPD officer who had seen me in the Montgomery County Jail on May 17, 2008. I was taken in by order of Chief Art Baylor on a bogus 5 year old barking dog charge. McCord was at the station and saw my Mom on security camera waiting to bail me out of jail in the waiting area. He asked her what she was doing there. She told him I was in lockup and she was waiting to bond me out. McCord told her he would check and see what was going on. There is no record of this arrest at ALEA, but I have the documents I will be sharing at a later time.

So at Home Depot my Mom and McCord are still talking and she begins to tell him we are getting attacked at our home at 3156 Cloverdale Rd. He tells her he is in property crimes and he can help us. The conversation continued. I was listening as we exited the store. McCord walked out to a undercover type car and said he was on his way to his second job. He had a suit hanging in the back of the car. McCord told my Mom he would help with her criminal complaint problems. My Mom and I left the Home Depot in our car and he left in his car.

“We were even told that

there was arsenic buried

in barrels in our backyard.”

Not too long after this meeting, less than a month, I was in my bed crying. The horrible crimes we were experiencing at our home had taken a toll on both of us. Threatening phone calls to our home we owned since 1978 stating, what ‘they’ were going to do to us, including death threats, home invasion, rape, burning down our home and selling our home at auction. We were even told that there was arsenic buried in barrels in our backyard. Officer David A. Hicks with the MPD called threatening to take my Mom away from me. We had our dogs beaten and poisoned. There was continuous property damage to our cars and home. I literally had laid in bed for a few days crying. No shower, no makeup, nothing. I heard my Mom tell me to come to the front door. I didn’t want to go.

She said come on you won’t believe who is here. Her voice sounded like she was happy and surprised. I reluctantly went to the door and there was Mike McCord. He had driven to our home on a purple colored motorcycle. I wasn’t happy to see him. I didn’t trust the police after what they had been allowing to happen to us. My Mom told McCord I had been depressed and sad. Somehow the conversation got to his motorcycle and the idea was suggested that McCord would give me a spin around the neighborhood to cheer me up. My Mom didn’t like motorcycles, nor did I, but she said she trusted McCord to ensure my safety. I went back in the house and put on a pair of jeans, a tunic top, which was not warm, and my pair of black boots. No jacket of any kind as this was supposed to be a ride around the block.

“I waved bye to my Mom,

who was smiling and waving in her rocking chair

on the front porch.”

McCord and I walked down to the end of our driveway by the street. As I got to the motorcycle I heard the neighbors at 3158 Cloverdale Rd on their porch laughing.

(Later I would find out the neighbors in this house were known drug addicts and had been some of the criminals threatening us on the phone and destroying our property, beating my dogs at night, and burglarized our home. Later after we had to leave our home, the MPD allowed them to manufacture Meth in it, never reporting this to the DEA Clandestine Drug Lab list.)

McCord handed me a motorcycle helmet too small for my head. He even said it was too small, but it would do. It had no visor or anything. I waved bye to my Mom, who was smiling and waving in her rocking chair on the front porch. Then the ride began. McCord began driving from Cloverdale to Fairview and took a left. Then he went down to Normandale Rd. and took a right. His speed picked up significantly and it scared me as I had to hold on to him tightly to keep from falling off. I got concerned when he took the on ramp onto I-85 towards Atlanta. His speed increased. He was going so fast it terrified me. He was driving recklessly and my thin tunic was blowing up in the back exposing my skin. It was so cold. I was wondering where we were going and what was happening?

At the off ramp to Chantilly Parkway in front of us was an MPD police car with two officers in it. I saw McCord give them a hand signal. I immediately thought they were setting me up to get me away from my Mom so they could falsely imprison her again like they did by Judge Reese McKinney (Southdale LLC) on April 23, 2009. I was frantic and realized I hadn’t taken my cellphone to call my Mom. After all I was only going for a ride around the block. The squad car took a left and then back onto the on-ramp towards I-85 South, in my Mom’s direction. McCord took a left and went to the gas station to put fuel in the motorcycle.

“I thought about running away

but I didn’t know what to do

since he was a police officer.”

I thought about running away but I didn’t know what to do since he was a police officer. I wondered if my Mom was okay? He looked at me and laughed and said I looked like a girl he just picked up off the streets. After fueling, which he paid by credit card, he proceeded at an alarming speed down Chantilly Parkway. I really thought we were going to crash into a telephone pole the way he was driving. At the intersection of Vaughn Road and Chantilly Parkway he took a right. I still had no idea where we were going. He rode through the Bell Road strip mall area parking lot and then proceeded onto Bell Road. He took a residential road to the left. The road led to a cul-de-sac to a one story home.

The address is 2200 Old Mill Court Montgomery, Alabama. It was McCord’s house. He drove the motorcycle into the driveway and I saw the undercover car in the back. He drove into his garage and the door closed behind us. I felt trapped. I saw a weight lifting bench in the garage and he had an old motorcycle he said he was working on. He instructed me into the house from the garage. There is a hall and to the left is a bathroom. Straight ahead is the kitchen. To the right is his living room where he had a big screen television. Carpet was on the floors.

“I mustered the courage to ask him

if I could use his phone to call my Mom

since I didn’t have a phone with me.”

I was nervous wondering how my Mom was doing since I had been taken here, and the police car on Chantilly had made contact with him while he was on the motorcycle. I mustered the courage to ask him if I could use his phone to call my Mom since I didn’t have a phone with me. He said ok. I called my Mom and was happy to hear her answer the phone. We exchanged a few words and then I hung up. McCord was busy making me a drink. He was pouring a red frozen daiquiri type mixture into a glass. He told me, ‘See? There is nothing in here.’

I excused myself to the little bathroom off the side of the hall by the garage many times to decide what to do? I was stalling for time. Finally he directed me to go into the living room. I sat on the couch and we engaged in small talk. I was thinking we were going to come up with a plan to help the crime at our home. He told me his ex wife was crazy and she was stalking him. She accused him of having sex with all his students at the dancing school where he taught classes on Bell Road. He told me he had a place that processed meat and BBQ. He told me his Dad was a firefighter at one time. He also told me he had one son.

“He told me he had guns hidden

all over his house

and on his person at all times.”

He put a movie on the television. It was an action movie with fast cars in it and he told me he had seen it many times. He told me he had a dog named Max and he was somewhere in the vicinity. He told me he had guns hidden all over his house and on his person at all times. I was very scared when he mentioned the word ‘gun.’ He then began trying to give me a back massage and pulling up my shirt. I was frozen in fear. I told him to stop. He didn’t. I began remembering what I was taught once by a military man, that if a woman is in danger of being raped and they have no way to escape, to just go along with what the perpetrator tells you to do so you can live through it.

I reluctantly decided to do whatever I had to do to get home to see my Mom again. He suggested we move into the bedroom. I told him I hadn’t had a shower in days. I proceeded to go to the shower and stall for more time. McCord himself got into the shower with me. I was mortified. After the shower he instructed me to go to the bedroom. It was his bedroom and the windows were blacked out. He tried to keep the lights on. I told him no, to turn them off. He asked why. I told him my toenails weren’t polished. I really didn’t want the lights on because I didn’t want a mental image of what he was about to do to me. I didn’t want to see.

He also told me to go home and tell my Mama, ‘he made me feel better.’

It was completely dark in the room. You couldn’t see anything. The next 30 minutes or so I was raped three times and sodomized by MPD Officer Mike McCord. For the sake of me not being retraumatized by these events, I will refer you to my voice video of the rapes I have recorded previously, detailing what he did to me. (Listen to video.) After the rapes I put on my clothes as fast as possible. He still turned on the light for some reason. I saw his badge on the floor beside the bed. To this day, I get nauseated when I see a police officers badge. I mentioned the badge and he replied that he had just received a promotion. I also asked him why he had a laptop computer hidden under his pillow on the bed. He told me he liked to watch movies. I believe he recorded me. He also told me to go home and tell my Mama, ‘he made me feel better.’ I thought, ‘what a sick motherfucker!’ But I had to remain composed to get safely home.

When I was dressed he announced he was taking me home. I was so relieved. I got back on the motorcycle and was disgusted I had to touch his body to hold on so I wouldn’t fall off. I was forced to touch my rapists body. I was so exhausted by the violent way he raped me that my body was like a limp rag. It was getting to be dusk out and it was a lot cooler than before. I was freezing riding back to my house. Again, McCord drove recklessly and at a dangerous rate of speed the whole way back. I was determined to hold on to see my Mom. When he pulled up to my driveway I got off the bike feeling dizzy and handed him the helmet. I heard the neighbors at 3158 Cloverdale Road still on their porch laughing.

Not but a few minutes passed until the phone began ringing.

I walked up to my Mom’s front door and was so grateful to be there. I immediately went back to my bed and laid down. My Mom inquired how everything went and I said fine. I couldn’t tell her what happened because I knew she’d call the MPD, McCord, or she might have a heart attack if I told her he had just raped me. She assumed he had told me how he was going to help us with the property crimes. Not but a few minutes passed until the phone began ringing. The voices on the phone were laughing at me, and asking me if, ‘I needed to be taken to the hospital? How was my pussy, was it sore? Did I need medical care? Did I need to go to the mental ward?’ Etc…

My vagina, legs and rectum were sore and had some tears.

Every time I hung up the phone it would ring again with the same sick questions by laughing men who sounded just like the people who had been calling us with the threatening phone calls for years. I instantly knew more than just McCord and I knew I had been raped. After the phone calls stopped that night I laid down in my bed. I was so upset my body just shut down. I got a fever, I could not urinate or defecate. My vagina, legs and rectum were sore and had some tears. I felt shocked, defeated, helpless and humiliated. I could not believe what had just happened. I didn’t tell my Mom, I couldn’t compromise her safety.

McCord wasn’t through with me though. He proceeded to come by our home unannounced on the motorcycle and bang on the door. He banged so hard my trained K9 German Shepherd, “Boots,” would jump up to the height of the front door in circles and bark and growl to ward him off. Sometimes when he came by I would hide in my closet. I told my Mom not to go to the door. She began wondering why. Sometime in the fall of 2012 my Mom picked up the phone to call the number McCord had given her for his contact number in MPD property crimes. She was trying find out what he was doing about the continuing crimes we were experiencing, as the situation had became worse. I told her no! Please don’t call there! Before I could protest any longer she had already begun talking to property crimes and they told her McCord, ‘no longer worked there.’ I was surprised but glad to hear it.

I told her I am going to call Special Agent Jeremy Wright at the FBI Montgomery Field Office, Mobile Division.

McCord still stalked our home after that time. Always showing up unannounced and banging on the front door. He even followed us to gas stations and would drive his motorcycle by over and over. Fast forward to the first anniversary of my rapes by McCord 04/14/2013. I woke up irritated and emotional remembering it had been exactly a year to the day he raped me. I began crying and frantically putting on a shirt and skirt. My Mom asked where are you going? I told her I am going to call Special Agent Jeremy Wright at the FBI Montgomery Field Office, Mobile Division. I told her McCord had raped me that day on 04/14/2012 and I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to turn him in. My Mom was SO upset. I will NEVER forget the hurt look on her face. We got in the car together and drove to a pay phone on the corner of Carmichael Rd and the Eastern Bypass in Montgomery. I called (334) 263-1691.

To this day, not one law enforcement person in Alabama local, state or federal has EVER questioned me in any capacity about this crime.

I asked for Special Agent Jeremy Wright and he took the call. I told him that there was something I didn’t tell him at the FBI office December 04, 2012. I told him, I was raped on 04/14/2012 by MPD Officer Mike McCord. Jeremy asked questions pertaining to the rape but never had me come in for questioning, nor wrote up the rape in an official report by the FBI, that I am aware of. Bill Barousse of Montgomery Police Department Internal Affairs has lied to the FBI and told them and the MPD that an investigation into my rape was conducted and I am UNFOUNDED. He has refused to give me the files concerning this fabricated investigation. To this day, not one law enforcement person in Alabama local, state or federal has EVER questioned me in any capacity about this crime. So how the fuck do they know I am unfounded?

I even told the MPD’s Sergeant Capps and his partner, in the presence of my federal witness, in early 2020 at the Montgomery Police Department Headquarters. I said I was raped and I would take a polygraph test. Sergeant Capps told me that if McCord did what I said he did, referring to the rape report Las Vegas Metro Police took as a courtesy on May 20, 2019, he should be in prison. I want any law enforcement connected with this crime, including Bill Barousse and Mike McCord, to take a polygraph test. I have been stonewalled at every turn. If I am not credible and they are, what are they afraid of? I turned in Bill Barousse to be investigated for his obstruction of justice, he has yet to be held to account. I will not stop my quest for justice! No one will shut me up! In early 2020 my federal witness called Special Agent Jeremy Wright, recording the phone call, to tell him about the murder of my Mom by pesticide poisoning. His response was, ‘oh no!’ He admitted the Montgomery Field Office had discussed the crimes being perpetrated on me and my Mom. He said they all sat down and talked about it. But it was decided that they should do nothing to intervene.

My abridged testimony of my rape by Officer Michael McCord.

Former FBI Mobile, Alabama Supervisory Agent Kelvin King (Montgomery Field Office) covered up the rape. He then went on to retire from the FBI and now works as head of security at Auburn Safety at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.

What is Kelvin hiding? Why did he block me?

Other agencies who blocked me include : Mayor of Montgomery Steven L. Reed, and Montgomery Police Department.

Why did the Montgomery, Alabama Police Department block me?

Kelvin King former FBI supervisory agent, Montgomery Field Office. Now at Auburn Safety, Auburn University.

Kelvin King, former FBI supervisory agent at Mobile Division, Montgomery Field Office. Now at Auburn Safety.

Other people who knew I had been raped, and used their power to stop investigations, even to this very day. Not a complete list by far…

Former Montgomery County, Alabama District Attorney Ellen Brooks, and District Attorney Daryl Bailey

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